Youth Program

The GRHS Youth Committee is attempting to locate all former winners. If you are a former winner or know a former winner, please share their name, address and email address with us. Please call 281-487-6418 or email Youth Program at:
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Past Winners

Key: SH=Senior High, JH=Junior High, MS=Middle School, UU=University Undergraduate

1st place: Tanya Lefor-Dickinson, ND

SH 1st place: Laura Silbernagel-Strasburg, ND
JH 1st place: Melanie Kitzan-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Gregory A. Wald-Strasburg, ND
JH 1st place: Stephanie Johansen-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Carl Schatz-Mandan, ND
JH 1st place: Jackie Eckman-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Cameron Nicklaus-Bottineau, ND
JH 1st place: Jeremy Hoeckle-Binford, ND

SH--1st place: Cheryl Lackman-Edgeley, ND
2nd place: Sarah McLeish-Braddock, ND
JH 1st place: Jennifer Eckman-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Tonia Schlecht-Medina, ND
JH 1st place: Melissa Grafsgaard-Moorhead, MN
2nd place: Liza Wanzek-Eldridge, ND

SH 1st place: Carrie Sorenson-Washburn, ND
JH 1st place: Heather Woehlhaff-Eureka, SD
2nd place: Elizabeth Fichter-Dickinson, ND

SH 1st place: Jessica Lindsey-Bismarck, ND
2nd place: Liza Wanzek-Jamestown, ND
JH 1st place: David Gebhardt-St. Cloud, MN
2nd place: Justin Wayne-Jamestown, ND

SH 1st place: Danielle Dempsey-Roseville, MN
2nd place: Naomi Schlecht-Cavalier, ND
JH 1st place: Amanda Halter-Dickinson, ND
2nd place: Bryan Reiter-Saskatoon, SK

SH 1st place: Kristie Jo Ludwig-Rugby, ND
JH 1st place: Audrey Weidenbach-Lesterville, SD
2nd place: Sebastian Robert Wald-Edgeley, ND

SH 1st place: Matthew A. Kloberdanz- Fargo, ND
JH 1st place: Julie Johnson-Bismarck, ND
2nd place: Aaron Hayden-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Amanda Halter-Dickinson, ND
2nd place: Brian Gulbranson-Rapid City, SD

SH 1st place: Sara-Jayne Johnson-Surrey, BC
2nd place: Mara Hintz-Glen Ullin, ND
JH 1st place: Nika Puffe-Bismarck, ND
2nd place: Jonathan Bauer-Bismarck, ND
Grades 4, 5 & 6-1st place: April Hintz--Glen Ullin, ND
2nd place: Anelle Seibold-Bismarck, ND

SH 1st place: Sara Wolf-West Columbia, TX
2nd place: Travis Dockter-Grand Forks, ND
JH 1st place: Austin Smith-Crookston, MN
2nd place: Kael Schneider-Bismarck, ND
Grades 4, 5 & 6 1st place: Nolan Schneider-Sturgis, SD
2nd place: Rachel Abbe-Grand Forks, ND

SH 1st place: Kristin Linke-Watertown, SD
JH 1st place: Chelsey Wayne-Jamestown, ND
Grades 4, 5 & 6 1st place: Amy Anne Jundt-Darby, KS
2nd place: Emily Grenz-Eureka, SD

SH 1st Place: Matthew Stoebner-Prairie Village, KS
2nd Place: Ryan Hoff-Gilbert, AZ
JH 1st Place: Sasha Roehrich-Rapid City, SD
2nd Place: Lindsay Hoff-Gilbert, AZ

UU Viktor Schledewitz-Leipzig, Germany
SH 1st Place: Merissa Bertsch-Piedmont, SD
Runner-Up: Jordan Hoff-Rapid City, SD
MS 1st Place: Bradley Banyai-Dickinson, ND
Runner-Up: Lindsay Hoff-Gilbert, AZ

UU 1st Place: Amy Larson-Iowa
Runner-Up: Karl Becker-North Dakota
Runner-Up: Kim Kittler-North Dakota
SH 1st Place: Stephen Bruckno-Pennsylvania
Runner-Up: Nikii Maher-Oregon
Runner-Up: Peter Serafini-Hamilton, MA
Runner-Up: Mike Briscoe-North Dakota
MS 1st Place: Meghan Keegan-South Dakota
Runner-Up: Steven Gates-South Dakota

UU 1st Place: Ryan Hoff-Arizona
Runner-Up: Sara-Jane Elizabeth Johnson-Surrey, BC
Runner-Up: Martina Wolf-Center, ND
SH 1st Place: Ivelina Kancheva-Varna, Bulgaria
Runner-Up: Briana Magrum-North Dakota
Runner-Up: Marissa Bertsch-Piedmont, SD
MS 1st Place: Esther Rummel-Mandan, ND

UU 1st Place: Jenia Kramarenko-Ukraine
Runner-Up: Jordan Hoff-Rapid City, SD
SH 1st Place: In Sue Kim-Seoul, South Korea
Runner-Up: Doreen X-Indianapolis, IN
Runner-Up: Kara Piganelli-Oakland, CA
MS 1st Place: Artyom Yershov-Ivanovka(Johannestal), Ukraine
Runner-Up: Sean Kelly-Dickinson, ND

UU 1st Place: Alyssa Miller-Mandan, ND
Runner-Up: Ryan Hoff-Arizona
SH 1st Place: Rebecca Anhorn-Calgary, Alberta
Runner-Up: Sara Mettler-Beulah, ND
MS 1st Place: Janna Kerk-Rapid City, SD
Runner-Up: Alexandra Bettcher-Maple Plain, MN

UU 1st Place: Debra Goranson-Peetz, CO
Runner-Up: Elizabeth Koletzky-Siuox Falls, SD
Runner-Up: Marissa Stevens-Masentown, PA
SH 1st Place: Rebeca Hulme-La Crescent, MN
Runner-Up: Stephanie Scheurer-Bismarck, ND
MS 1st Place: Geneva Durand-Chile, South America
Runner-Up: Lindsey Amen-Omaha, Nebraska

UU 1st Place: Rachel Mills-Nevada, USA
Runner-Up: Ryan Hoff-Arizona, USA
SH 1st Place: Ryan Zapalac-Texas, USA
Runner-Up: Bonnie Wilshire-Indiana, USA
Best Power Point Entry: Jake Steinmetz-Minnesota, USA
MS 1st Place: Jubilee Rummel-North Dakota, USA
Runner-Up: Isaiah Durand-Chile, South America

UU 1st Place: Aubrey Mica Long-South Carolina, USA
Runner-Up: Amanda Miller -Oregon, USA
SH 1st Place: Kimberly Ligh-California, USA
Runner-Up Charity Batson-Oregon, USA
MS 1st Place: Isaiah Durand-Chile, South America
Runner-Up Geneva Durand-Chile, South America
Runner-Up Florence Mayer-North Dakota, USA

UU 1st Place: Nicole Broden- North Dakota, USA
Runner-Up: Megan Even- South Dakota, USA
HS Senior: Joshua May- New York, USA
HS 1st Place: Luke Smith- South Dakota, USA
Runner-Up: Isaiah Durand- Missouri, USA
MS 1st Place: Abigail Babcock- Nebraska, USA
Runner-Up: Alexis Wanner- North Dakota, USA

UU 1st Place: Erika Weidemann- New Mexico, USA
Runner Up: Danielle Berens- Michigan, USA
HS Senior: James Anderson- Ontario, Canada
HS 1st Place: Madison Frame- California, USA
Runner Up: Paige Hannisch- South Dakota, USA
MS 1st Place: Anna Durand- Missouri, USA
Runner Up: Kevin Fromm- Nikolaev, Ukraine