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, immediately pour the solution into your keg of cold water. 4 Fill the keg with liters of cold water un til the temperature of the brew reaches about 68 degrees F. Add the yeast to the keg and stir. 5 Close t he soda keg. Allow the beer to brew for six days at room temperature. Do not open the keg during that ti me. Serving 6 Use a hydrometer to find out if your beer is ready after six days. The relative density of render textures free a light beer should be about 1.008, while darker beers will be between 1.010 and 1.015. 7 Store the 10- gallon keg in a warm, dry place for at least two days before serving. 8 Serve the beverage in the 10-gal wendish heritage society australia lon keg or transfer the beer to smaller kegs for serving.1 Brew an extremely high-gravity beer style. On .

er) or add a large quantity of corn sugar, molasses or other sugary adjuncts to a more standard beer rec ipe. Your local home-brewing store should have a variety of recipes on hand, depending on the specific s tyle of beer you want to brew. 2 Use a large yeast starter to prime the yeast. To make the starter, add about 19 oz. dry malt extract to 1 gallon of water in a large pot, boil the mixture for about 20 minutes game audio book , and then cool it to room temperature by immersing the pot in cold water. Pour the mix into your saniti zed fermenter, add the yeast, and put an airlock on it just as you would a full-sized batch of wort. The wendish heritage society australia starter will allow the yeast to start multiplying before you add the wort, helping to make fermentation .

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