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the home of the modern-day Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. At this time, the company was using approxima tely 200 pounds of cocoa beans each year. By 1866, that number had gone up to more than 1,000 pounds and the company had grown into a solid chocolate empire in the San Francisco area. Next Generation In 1892, Ghirardelli retired and handed the business over to three of his four sons. The boys moved the company microsoft default fonts to the San Francisco waterfront region, now named Ghirardelli Square. At this location, a power house an d an employee apartment complex as well as several other elaborate buildings were constructed to meet th wendish heritage society of australia e company's growing needs. The Legend Dies Domenico Ghirardelli died just two short years after he retir .

h and his mother, Mrs. William P. Roth, purchased the company. The duo renovated much of the existing fa ctory and turned around to sell it--recipes and all--to the Golden Grain Macaroni Company, which ran Ghi rardelli until 1986, when the Quaker Oat Company purchased the chocolate empire. A Modern Tradition In 1 998, the Ghirardelli Company was purchased by Lindt and Sprungli Chocolate Company in Switzerland. In th rocket icon download e tradition of Ghirardelli, the company offers specialty fine chocolates and is leading the way as a maj or producer of dark luxury chocolates.1 Select a fruit with no chemicals or preservatives and with 10 pe wendish heritage society of australia rcent or less sugar content. Chemicals, preservatives and too much sugar can halt or hinder the fermenta .

at extract and hops. Return the vessel to the heat and boil this mixture for 25 to 30 minutes. 4 Cool th e mixture quickly by immersing the large vessel in cold water. Remove the hops and continue to cool the liquid (now known as wort) to about 70 degrees. Check the temperature with a thermometer. 5 Pasteurize t he fruit by slowly bringing it up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit in a separate pot while constantly stirring render textures free the fruit with a spoon. Once the fruit mixture reaches 170 degrees, cook it for 5 to 10 minutes while co ntinuing to stir. Do not boil the fruit. Let it cool. 6 Add enough cold water to the wort to take the mi wendish heritage society of australia xture up to 6 gallons. This will also help cool the wort. 7 Add in the brewers yeast and starter. 8 Tran .

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