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delli had moved to Peru, where he opened his first confectionary shop, but it would be more than a decad e before Ghirardelli stumbled upon his destiny to become one of the largest luxury producers of chocolat e. The New World After working in Peru for more than a decade, Ghirardelli heard news of the gold rush i n California. Seduced by tales of prosperity, he sailed to the United States in 1849. After trying his h rocket icon download and at panning for gold, Ghirardelli soon learned that it was more profitable to sell supplies, includin g sweets, to fellow gold miners. The Ghirardelli website claims that the chocolate maker opened his firs wendish heritage society texas t store in a gold miners' tent. Ghirardely and Girard In 1852, Ghirardelli opened Ghirardely and Girard, .

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