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Searching Hints & How To Do


Some basics

The search engine does not care about upper and lower case characters. Searching for
will all deliver the same results.

Accents need not to be entered. The search engine automatically adds all kind of accents like German umlauts. Thus the search term muller will deliver all results for Muller, Müller, múller, Mûller, etc.


Different search modes

The following modes are available for the user

  • Single words like                    bachmann

  • AND and OR search like       gottlieb bachman

  • PHRASE search like              father of scharlotta

  • Search with wild cards like    kinder*   or   *land*
    Will find complete words like
              Kindergarden or Rheinlandpfalz.

  • Strict search like                     !searchme
    Using the exclamation point  !  as the first character eliminates all words or names from result listing, which consists of more letters than the search term.
    !ell will only find the surname Ell and will not find words such as well-intended or the family name Mueller.

  • Tolerant search. Used in the AND, OR and PHRASE search.
    This mode equalizes all kind of vowels:
            ä=a=à=â    e=è=é=ê=ë    î=ì=ì=í=í=Ì=Í=i    etc.


Category Search

The Sphider-plus search engine allows for GRHS site users to search in the following specific categories

  • Entire site
  • About us
  • Chapters
  • Research
  • Library
  • Villages
  • Obituary project
  • Youth rogram
  • Store
  • Text + media

To access Category Search, enter your search term into the search field and press the Search button. Once the search engine takes you to the results page, you will see on the left, a column showing the above categories. In order to improve your results, select the desired category and the search will return by presenting results only for that category.


Search for images

A special application is offered by the Text + media category.
Allowing to search for

  • text
  • images
  • both

Enabled by 3 different search buttons, the according results will be presented in result listing.

If the Search for media button is used to invoke the query, only images are presented in result listing. This special result listing additionally offers the option Show all media found at this page. The according link might be activaed individually for each result on the result page.

If the standard Search button is used to invoke the query, image results are only presented for those pages, which also contain the search term as part of the full text (words, names, etc.).

In any case the category Text + media offers results from the entire GRHS site. Image results will be presented, if the name of the image file, or its title matches the query.


Search on password protected pages

The search engine is able to find results on password-protected pages. The results are presented in result listing as usual. But clicking on such a result, still will require access authorization to open the according page.