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Obituary Digital Project Overview

It is NOT the purpose of this project to input obituaries donated to the Society for the purpose of establishing a system of searching them for data and information. The purposes of the project are two-fold:

  1. To input obituaries for the sake of digital preservation of the collection
  2. To place an index of the collection on the Society's web site

Indexes are placed on the Society's web site to allow access to its Obituary Collection to interested parties who do not have access to the physical collection of obituaries at the Society's headquarters.

The obituary indexes found in this web site consist of:

  • Surname (if male; husband's surname, if female)
  • Given name(s) (plus the maiden name, in parentheses, if the female was married, plus a middle name, plus the surname of a first spouse, or if married more than once a third, fourth, etc., spouse)
  • Birth date
  • Death date

[A birth or death date found in parentheses ( ) in the indexes indicates that no date was found in the obituary of the decedant. A date found in parentheses was from some other source or was determined by some other means. 1) We may have subtracted the age of the decedant from the date of the newspaper in which the obituary was printed, that is, if the date of the newspaper was available. 2) Someone, possibly the donor of the obituary, may have penciled in a date onto the obituary itself, then sent the obituary to us.]

Ted J. Becker, GRHS Obituary Committee Chairman (April 2010)

Obituary Project Committee

Ted J. Becker, Chairperson
Marcene Abel
Faustina Chandler
LeRoy Dockter
Donna Larson
Caroline E. Scott
Jan Snyder
Eugene J. Stahl