What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown


Letters from United States - Wisconsin

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Wisconsin, USA

Surname Letters
Achtmann us6346
Axtmann us6347 us6409
Bartle us5602
Behrmann us5022
Degelstein us6347
Degenstein us6409
Doll us6550
Dukart us6479
Eberle us5385 us5595 us5606 us6303 us6322 us6330 us6347 us6421 us6466 us6479
Erker us4633 us5367
Fahn us5921 us6130
Fischer us1759 us6330 us6346 us6347
Fix us6130 us6347 us6409
Frank us5921 us6322 us6330 us6346 us6479
Gefre us6346 us6347 us6409
Gefroh us6303 us6322
Gerhard us5320 us5640
Gerhardt us5595 us5921
Gill us5022 us5466
Glas us5117
Glon us6409
Grat us6346
H us6466
Hartmann us6409
Haschek us6409
Hecker us6330 us6346
Hehn us4367
Heiners us6347
Hemes us6409
Henn us6303
Hipfner us6330
Hirsch us3299 us6208 us6330 us6346 us6347 us6479
Hoepfner us6409
Hoffart us5640
Hoffmann us5915
Kalens us6547
Keller us5640
Kessler us1697 us1759
Klein us5602
Kraft us1759
Kuntz us5915 us6347 us6409
Kunz us5640
Laudt us5602
Leibham us6130
Merk us4513 us5036 us5117
Messer us6550
Meyer us5022
Nagel us5367
Pfeifer us6130
Pflieger us6547
Reis us6330 us6346 us6347
Reisenauer us6547
Rombs us4042
Sander us1759
Schaaf us6547
Schaefer us5367
Schelske us5022
Schloss us6130
Schook us6547
Schwahn us5320
Schweigert us5022
Schwindt us3299 us6330
Stefan us4633
Steffan us4042
Teible us1759
Uhrich us4513
Usefke us6547
Voegele us5036
Voeller us1759
Wagner us4633
Walliser us6346
Wanner us6346
Wegmann us5385
Wingerter us5117
Zimmermann us5602