What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Texas

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Texas, USA

Surname Letters
Abel us195
Adler us1211 us3075 us4173 us5397
Apel us532
Appel us904 us971
Axtmann us2528
Bachmaier us5900
Bachmeier us1562 us1728 us2667 us2896 us3045 us4672 us4931 us4932 us5559
Bachmeyer us4378 us4958 us5060 us5900 us5975 us6169
Bamesberger us5956
Barunnagel us4378
Bast us1276
Bauder us5956
Bauer us4250
Beltich us1696
Bentz us971
Benz us5559
Bitz us532 us5397
Boehler us5272
Bopetzky us4932
Braunagel us413 us1728 us1877 us2667 us3960
Braunnagel us2664 us2666 us4139 us4672
Brombach us4377 us4488 us5372
Cook us6169
Dachtler us5372
Deck us904 us3075
Deschner us5397
Dettling us2667
Diehl us2664 us2667 us2896 us4932 us5559 us5900 us5975 us6169
Dietz us561 us787 us880 us4617
Dirk us195 us532 us4617
Ditz us5996
Doering us5060
Doettling us4958
Dubler us5397
Dutenhoefer us1875
Dutenhoeffer us5397
Dutenhofer us1632
Erch us5559
Erck us4672 us5060
Erk us4617
Faeth us2029
Felix us495
Fibiger us1728
Fix us5967
Foeth us532 us5996
Fromm us4958
Fuhrmann us5272
Gabriel us195 us413 us491 us532 us1211 us1261 us1341 us1410 us1417 us1506 us1562 us1632 us1728 us1757 us1875 us1876 us1877 us1974 us2029 us2896 us3045 us3075 us3331 us4173 us4250 us4325 us4419 us4617 us4672 us4932 us4958 us5354 us5397 us5416 us5424 us5559 us5975
Geisi us4672 us5060
Giesi us1410 us1420
Giesinger us495 us532 us971 us1341 us1410 us1417 us1667 us2664 us4958 us5975
Gisi us5424
Glatt us1420
Gleissner us971 us5559
Goehring us5996
Goetz us4158 us4931 us4932
Gottfelig us2961
Gottselig us266 us532 us766 us890 us891 us1341 us1728 us1853 us2204 us2667 us3656 us4378 us5060 us5424 us5996 us6023
Gottsellig us80
Greenwood us5559
Gress us5355
Gruenstein us5900
Grunstein us495
Guta us5559
Haeusler us1875
Haeusser us491 us1562
Hames us804
Harsch us5956
Harty us1329
Hauser us1757
Hechler us561 us4250 us4617 us5416
Heck us766 us890 us891 us1853
Hecker us1410
Heger us4419
Heilmann us5975
Heinrich us2896
Heins us6169
Heintz us1875 us2500 us4672 us5996 us6033
Heinz us1632
Heisler us5967
Heller us717
Herzog us413 us1728 us2393 us2664 us2666 us4378 us5559 us6169
Hilsendeger us5996
Hilzenberger us6338
Hoffart us778 us1248 us1341 us2664 us2961 us3548
Hoffarth us6169
Hoffrath us5975
Huhn us3607 us3608
Kaesel us2664 us2665
Kaiser us5372
Kapezinsky us6169
Kautzmann us6338
Kiefel us532 us4931 us4932 us5975
Kiesel us1341 us3045 us5900 us5967 us6169
Klein us1877
Kleinmaus us1535
Kleiserer us904
Klotz us5355
Knoll us717
Koble us2896
Kock us5975
Koesel us2665
Kowies us2961
Kowis us266 us971 us1248 us1276 us1646 us1662 us1696 us1728 us1877 us2029 us2030 us2664 us2667 us3333 us4378 us4932 us4958 us5424
Krall us6169
Kress us1410
Leibham us1757 us2029 us6169
Leibhan us2664
Leopoldus us2204
Liebham us4617
Liepham us804
Loechinger us4672
Loewenstein us195 us1341 us1757 us4378 us5416
Loran us491
Lorenz us1535
Louis us6169
Luetter us1410
Mack us413 us1265 us2664
Maeher us1853
Mardian us904 us1974 us6338
Marthaller us532
Martian us532 us745 us880 us4250 us4617 us6033
Martin us5354 us5355 us5470
Mastio us4617
Mattern us195 us270 us413 us495 us778 us1265 us1535 us2393 us2500 us2664 us2665 us2961 us3162 us3331 us3548 us4139 us4250 us4378 us4932 us5060 us5424 us5900 us5975 us6169
Matz us4932
Meier us5397
Merdian us4378 us5470 us5975
Mertian us182 us195 us286 us491 us561 us717 us787 us804 us971 us1106 us1211 us1329 us1410 us1417 us1420 us1506 us1728 us1757 us1876 us3548 us4325 us4419 us4932 us5270
Mertion us1728 us4958
Metz us6033
Miller us778
Mock us532 us904 us1562 us2666 us2667 us3548 us4932 us5060 us5424 us5900 us5996
Moser us2393 us5272
Muelle us4488
Mywald us6169
Nowokowsky us5559
Ott us5967
Plochek us5559
Rassilier us1341
Rassiter us971
Reicherd us1728
Reichert us4378 us5272
Reineke us5559
Reiss us1535 us3548
Rieder us5397
Robinson us5559
Roesch us1326
Rombs us5996
Rumbs us6338
Sauerampfer us4250
Schaffner us5956
Schall us561
Schanke us5559
Schartt us1667
Schatz us495
Schaub us80 us5354
Scherger us891 us971
Schiele us2500 us2664
Schile us495
Schlachter us286 us5900
Schlaht us1326
Schlick us1211 us1329 us1417 us4250 us4932 us4958 us5900
Schlosser us2500
Schmid us6169
Schmidt us778 us2029 us5967 us5975
Schnellbach us1853
Schwahn us1329 us4958
Schwan us2500 us6033
Schwungky us4932
Sebastian us4932
Selenski us1106 us1326 us1410 us1757 us3332 us4617
Selensky us286 us5060 us6023
Staudinger us1211 us1341 us1562 us1875 us3075
Stocker us413 us1757 us3656 us5424 us5559
Stockert us4932
Stroh us1875
Swunki us5975
Tombrowski us971
Tuchscherer us192 us495 us778 us2664 us3961 us4326
Tucker us5559
Urbanofski us4250
Vetter us532 us1632 us1875 us5900
Wagner us195 us266 us532 us1341 us2030 us3331 us4173 us4378 us5060 us5559 us6023 us6033 us6169 us6338
Waldmann us1211
Weber us5397 us6338
Weishuhn us5559
Werthseppel us1875
Wichrecht us532
Wiest us192 us1853
Wilhelm us413 us3045
Wiliam us5559
Winkler us4932
Wischenewsky us5559
Wischnefsky us6169
Wittmayer us4377 us4488
Wold us2961
Wolf us80 us192 us904 us1211 us1326 us1853 us1974 us2029 us2501 us2528 us2664 us2666 us2667 us3331 us3363 us3960 us4139 us4158 us4419 us4931 us5060 us5270 us5559 us5996 us6023 us6033
Wolff us4325
Wolitzki us5559
Wuest us5272
Zerr us1410 us1506 us4931 us5355
Zimmerman us1410
Zimmermann us4931