What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Oregon

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Oregon, USA

Surname Letters
Adolf us5260
Aichlemaher us5400
Axtmann us28 us5024 us5189 us5966
Bachmeier us5423
Bartsch us5233
Becker us950
Berning us3779
Bigler us6356 us6497
Boeckel us5141
Bohn us99 us365 us505 us506 us691 us965 us4397 us5232 us5323 us5475 us5565
Bosch us225 us1641 us4324
Bosser us28
Buechler us5024
Bulach us5625
Dauenhauer us5794
Deibert us905 us5342
Deschner us368 us994 us1047 us1187 us1398 us1449 us1656 us1904 us3330 us3335 us6350
Dirk us4677 us5189
Dobes us5746
Dominic us1904
Dubs us5552
Eberle us61 us62 us99 us129 us129 us225 us365 us370 us508 us691 us757 us761 us846 us965 us994 us1187 us1398 us1449 us2368 us3330 us3610 us3779 us4324 us4397 us5215 us5232 us5323 us5475 us5565 us5596 us5607
Eichenlaub us1904
Ell us28 us1641 us5259 us5746
Erbele us5557
Ertelet us5295
Fahn us5189
Feldmann us5335
Fettig us19
Fieger us5295 us5335 us5351 us5400 us5423 us5966
Fischer us5215 us5232 us5352 us5658
Fix us5746
Fontana us5552
Frederik us1904
Frison us1047
Frisson us699
Froehlich us4757
Gabriel us508 us691
Gedak us5423
Gefre us4515
Gefreh us19 us887
Gefroh us5552
Geischler us4665
Gerber us757 us761 us3957
Gessler us4515
Gnamm us5746
Goetz us264 us5364 us6082
Goldade us99 us951 us4040 us4323 us4665 us4677 us5440 us5475 us5500 us5551 us6356
Grau us965 us1883 us5380
Grim us264
Grimm us28 us264 us4040
Gruber us5625
Haag us5746
Halverson us6281
Hammer us3779
Hartz us6287
Hegele us5475
Heinert us5794
Heinz us5658
Heinzmann us1187
Herner us5746
Hilsendeger us5335 us5552
Hipfner us62 us3610 us5552
Hoepfner us5024
Hoerner us5971
Hoffart us950 us1904 us5295 us5475
Hoffer us6281
Huck us6350
Hulm us4673 us5064 us5070
Immel us6281
Jakob us950
Job us1656
Jochim us5335
Kanningham us5971
Kauther us1449
Kessler us4757
Kirchner us5233
Kirschner us4324
Kistner us264
Klein us5189
Klinger us3334
Kloetzel us589 us887
Kloft us5295
Koch us5341
Koenig us368 us1641 us1656 us3335
Kraft us5189
Krenzel us994 us5014
Krimm us506
Kronberg us5400
Kronenberg us5551
Kupfer us5966
Kupser us4677
Kurle us5064
Lang us5625
Lauinger us5335 us5449
Lauterbach us5500
Leintz us5423
Lenhard us1641
Lent us368
Leopoldus us28
Lesmeister us5552 us5557
Lochert us589 us699
Lockert us812
Lutz us99 us5215
Mack us5380 us5625
Mafenbeier us4397
Maffenberger us3330
Maffenbier us99
Malsam us1641
Martin us5565
Massenbeier us5658
Mastel us99
Maurath us5024
Mayer us3046
Meier us505
Merck us4397 us5232 us5607 us5658
Merk us129 us1883 us4324 us5784 us5971
Meuchel us6287
Miller us99 us365 us4324 us4471 us6350
Moffenbeier us5232
Mosser us6082
Mueller us5064
Nix us4972
Nold us4673
Ochs us1187 us1904
Pfeifer us1656 us5189 us5335
Pfeiffer us4757
Pflueger us5625
Quade us5295
Reider us5189
Reis us5794
Reiter us5024 us5966
Richter us19 us5024 us6125
Riehl us19
Riessling us951
Roehrich us19
Rosin us4890
Roth us1047 us1904
Rothschiller us5552
Rott us4515
Sahli us1449 us4196
Salwei us950
Sauerampfer us3610
Sautner us4972 us5351
Schaab us5380
Schaeffer us4757
Schatz us129 us846
Schiele us5232
Schiff us6350 us6497
Schindler us5400
Schmaltz us1395 us5064
Schmalz us1187 us1641 us3046 us3330 us5658
Schneider us19 us1904 us4677 us5724 us5794
Schrenk us5232
Schuck us5189
Schulz us6269
Schwahn us5315 us5342
Schwan us5352
Schwert us4757
Senger us19 us28
Sonder us4515
Speer us5352
Stantz us5364
Stauss us5364
Steier us5380
Steiner us5189
Steinert us5189
Streifel us19
Thomas us950
Uselmann us4757
Vetsch us951 us5724
Voeller us951
Volk us1449 us3046 us5335
Wald us1047 us6497
Wallior us5449
Weigel us812 us950
Weinberger us5675
Welk us3330 us3334
Weninger us4039
Werner us950
West us1904
Wetsch us6281
Wetstein us6287
Wheeler us4972
Wolf us129 us264 us3610 us3927 us5064 us5794 us6179
Zerr us589 us699 us812 us905 us950 us951 us5014 us5233 us5475