What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Oklahoma

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Oklahoma, USA

Surname Letters
Anonymous us2702
Boepple us2686 us2701 us4313 us4314 us4315 us4316 us4317 us4829
Bretz us4427
Buchholz us4829
Christoph us4829
Ellwein us4810
Erdmann us5925
Fregien us5925
Gaede us4810
Griess us4660
Gross us4427
Hauser us4829
Jantz us2702
Kauk us4660
Kempf us2702
Kerner us4427
Ochsner us4660
Pahl us5925
Radke us2702
Reimer us4810
Reinschmidt us2702
Roessler us2702
Rothacker us2702
Schlund us4427
Schneider us4810
Schwarz us4660
Stohler us2686
Weil us4427
Zoellmer us5925