What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Minnesota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Minnesota, USA



Baumgaertner us3153
Berg us1638
Berger us5671
Both us4670
Burkhartsmeier us623 us1638 us1978 us5519
Daschle us740
Dettling us1715 us5519
Dietz us2040 us4625
Eisenzimmer us6153
Erhard us5671
Feist us344 us624 us2040 us2093 us2369 us4625
Feldmann us623
Fix us740 us847
Fried us5671
Ganje us3153
Geier us1638
Germann us2040
Goldade us3738 us3740 us5583 us6048
Gross us2301 us3739 us6143
Haag us4670 us5474
Heck us1638
Heilmann us2940
Helm us5583
Herner us5671
Hoegele us2940 us3153
Hoener us5671
Hoffart us1638
Holzer us847 us5533
Hulm us5474 us5554 us6048
Jaeger us3736
Jahner us5671
Kautzmann us5671
Keller us695 us1978
Kelsch us6153
Knoll us5671
Kohlmann us4366
Kraft us740 us847 us1638 us5519
Kuebler us1638
Laut us5519
Meilanen us6126
Merk us6126
Miessler us1638
Mildenberger us623 us624 us2369
Mitzel us5519
Nethel us4625
Ohleiser us5671
Pflüger us5671
Roehrich us623 us5519
Rombs us5554
Rumbs us5583
Schaell us2040 us2940 us3739
Schaff us5578 us6380
Schall us2301
Schell us3153 us6126
Schmidt us5671
Schneider us3735 us3736 us3738 us3739 us3740 us6143
Scholl us5671
Schuhe us624
Schultz us2301
Selenski us695
Senger us5519
Senn us5671
Stein us5671
Streicher us740
Streifel us1638
Trautman us695
Underhill us6126
Vanter us2040
Vetsch us5519
Vogel us2040
Wald us623 us5554
Weigel us5474
Weninger us623
Wentz us2301
Wolf us344