What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Kansas

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Kansas, USA



Anhelcher us108
Bandel us4889
Barsch us2485
Bauer us4889
Baumeister us4998
Beringer us4889
Bernhardt us3128
Biga us4998
Birck us1631
Birk us1048 us1581 us2266 us3173
Bischke us178
Bolz us178
Brotzel us4998
Denis us2485
Derr us178
Dietterle us178
Dirk us442 us1695 us1761
Esslinger us178
Fahlmann us178
Feir us1631
Fischer us1631 us5528
Fix us1048 us1581
Funk us5528
Gabriel us1048 us1581 us1631 us1695 us2266 us3173
Geier us1048
Geist us178
Gerber us178
Giesinger us1581
Gisi us668
Glasser us178
Goetz us108
Goletzki us3173
Goslefki us1631
Gross us4998
Gruber us2485 us4054
Haas us4998
Haferkorn us4998
Haffner us5191
Haman us1581
Hartmann us1631 us5528
Hauser us1581
Hecker us6593
Heier us5191
Heim us178
Heinrich us5191
Heintz us4998 us5528
Hepperle us178
Herzog us6593
Hoegele us108 us813 us1664 us2485 us3660
Hoffman us4886
Huettl us1581
Hulm us5528
Ifernhegen us4889
Kaiser us5191
Karin us178
Keller us154 us178 us348 us5191 us5528
Klein us813 us1631 us3173 us4310
Kleinknecht us178
Klemann us178
Klese us4886
Kloster us178
Knopp us178
Knorr us4889
Kuntz us5191
Leier us5191
Leis us1278
Lippert us4889
Lochert us5528
Loewenstein us4998
Lorenz us108
Lutz us178 us1581 us1631
Mahler us178
Malsam us5518 us6461
Marthaler us1695 us1761
Martian us1695
Mastio us442 us1761
Mastit us1631
Merk us5142
Mueller us4766
Nold us178
Ochs us5528
Ort us108
Orth us4889
Perlenfein us178
Peter us4766 us4886
Raile us6110
Redinger us178
Reich us178
Reichert us4766
Schaeffer us6110
Schauer us4889
Schirardow us178
Schmalz us154 us178
Schmidt us4309
Schneck us178
Schnur us4309 us4310
Schuber us178
Schuett us178
Schuhmacher us5191
Schulz us4889
Schumm us2266
Schwarzenberger us108 us178 us3617 us5518
Selenski us4998
Sileski us1631
Stach us2532 us4997 us5305
Staudinger us1048 us3173
Steffan us3617
Truscho us4886
Uhlich us178
Uhrich us108 us2532 us3617 us3727 us3886 us3955 us4054 us5142 us5305 us5518
Vischke us178
Volk us5518
Volz us178
Wald us4997
Waldmann us4618 us6461
Walz us4889
Wentz us108 us3955 us5142 us5518
Wildemann us4618 us5528 us6461
Wilhelm us4889
Wolf us2485
Ziegler us813 us928 us1664 us2485 us2532 us3660 us4054 us5305
Zimbelmann us4766 us4886
Zimmermann us6461
Zweigardt us4889