What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Idaho

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Idaho, USA



Bischke us2685
Boschee us6134
Burggraf us573
Dietrich us3696
Ditz us3794
Dokter us2685
Ehrmantraut us5842
Flack us5206
Fuhrmann us187
Goll us2685
Grossman us3696
Gunst us5365
Haffner us573
Heit us3794
Hirning us187 us374 us573 us3661 us3794 us3953
Holwegner us6133
Hulm us3661
Jergens us5206
Jung us4025
Keller us3661
Ketterling us4024
Kinnotz us3696
Kurse us6133
Lapp us5923
Loeffelbein us5923
Mahler us4025 us5020
Marquardt us3661
Martel us6134
Meier us4024
Merz us4024
Miller us374 us573
Moldenhauer us3841 us4024
Mueller us3613
Nuss us374
Praegitzer us3674 us3696 us3794 us3841 us3954 us4024 us4025 us5002 us5020 us5206 us5365
Rempfert us2685
Rensch us5842
Rietesel us573
Rosen us4024
Roth us3954
Schaff us6468
Schaffer us3794
Schenk us4024
Schneider us3794
Schock us5529
Springer us5020
Stoller us187 us3661 us3953
Suetler us3696
Viedermann us5206
Wagner us3953
Walz us2685
Weispfennig us4024
Wenz us374
Winter us4024
Wolf us3794 us4024