What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Colorado

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Colorado, USA



Axtmann us5509
Bartle us4478 us5510
Bauder us6071
Bauer us6320
Bender us4836
Boehler us4955
Bohlender us4836
Braunnagel us1699
Buech us5441
Buehler us5046
Croissant us4955
Dipper us4831
Dirk us4478
Engelhard us5046
Engelhardt us4632
Fischer us5441
Flegel us5441
Foeth us1790
Frank us4898
Gemar us4881
Gottselig us1659 us1699
Hecker us6320
Heintz us1659 us1790 us4632 us6320
Heitz us1699
Herzog us1699
Hilzendeger us5509 us5510
Horst us4632 us5046 us5509
Judt us6320
Kessler us6320
Kilwein us6320
Kitzman us4955
Kitzmann us4831
Klein us4831
Klug us6320
Kneisler us4671
Kowis us6320
Kraus us4831
Krause us5441
Kummer us267 us795 us2012 us3612
Leibham us1659 us1699
Leopoldus us4321 us4478 us4632 us4671 us5046 us5508 us5509 us5510 us5511
Lorentz us4831
Lorenz us4836
Maisch us4632
Mathern us5508
Oster us4830 us4831
Raschin us6071
Renz us4831
Rigert us5509
Rombs us6320
Roth us4955
Schinlerer us4955
Schmidt us4831
Schmirer us4898
Schreiber us4671
Schroedlin us4831
Schropp us6320
Staub us1659
Steuert us5509
Trautmann us4898 us4955
Wagner us6320
Wenschlag us6071
Zimblemann us4955