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Letters from Beresan District
Odessa Russia

Letters written by our ancestors who lived in the
Beresan District, Odessa Russia

Surname Letters
Abel r1103 r1104
Adt r1091
Aldinger r1096
Anhorn r1447
Auch r1081 r1088 r1094 r1098 r1100 r1118 r1121 r1455 r1662
Babel r1761
Bauer r1121 r1456
Baujetzki r1083
Becker r1088 r1761
Beglau r1236
Beil r1081 r1088 r1100 r1117 r1120
Bender r1487 r2250
Bequeknolle r1084
Berger r1442
Bernhard r1503
Bernhardt r1485
Bertsch r41 r1100 r1103 r1117
Bichler r2292
Bickel r1080
Bittermann r1082
Bitz r1084 r1100 r2113
Blessing r1096
Boehler r1082 r1084
Boehm r1503 r2255 r2263 r2272 r2294
Boehn r2270
Boepple r1456
Boespflug r1761
Boettscher r1081
Bohlender r2113
Bosch r2264
Bracht r1487
Brau r1092
Braun r1085 r1559 r1873
Braxmeier r1761
Broeckel r1083
Brunnmaier r1082
Brunnmeier r1090
Bullinger r1503 r2263
Burckhard r1104
Burkhardt r1088
Butsch r2255
Correspondent r2279
Dank r1096
Danke r1662
Daub r2197
Decker r1082
Deibele r2272
Deis r1761
Delzer r1081 r1087 r1093 r1094 r1096 r1103 r1117 r1455 r1662 r2113
Deutscher r1082 r1088 r1098
Diebele r2263
Diede r1089 r1093 r1096 r1098 r1100 r1104 r1117 r1121 r1662
Diehl r1094
Dobler r1447
Dockter r1120
Doerr r1117 r1118
Doerrheim r1082
Dohn r1096 r1098
Doll r2255
Dukart r1559
Dumbach r2264
Dupper r1100
E r1198
Ebel r1091
Ehli r1559 r1761 r1991 r1997
Ehlis r2255
Eissingen r1662
Eissinger r1081 r1087 r1088 r1089 r1093 r1094 r1100 r1101 r1117 r1662
Engel r759 r904
Engelhardt r1085 r1088 r1091 r1097
Ensinger r1455
Erhert r1666
Erickson r1103
Erikson r1095
Fehr r1080 r1082 r1085 r1489
Feiock r1084
Fischer r1098 r1103 r1487
Fitterer r2272
Fix r1761
Fleck r758 r1100 r1123
Foster r1873
Frank r1080 r1082 r1092 r1761
Franke r1097
Freidig r1873
Fried r1118
Friedrich r1098
Fries r1761
Fritschell r1084
Fritschle r1082 r1104
Froehlich r1089 r1456
Fromm r1081 r1087 r1088 r1094 r1098 r1662
Fuchs r1098 r1487
Fueührer r1085
Gabriel r189
Geiger r1761
Gender r1487
Gieser r1082
Glaser r1089
Graff r1447
Gramm r1099
Gratz r904
Greff r2272
Gross r1123
Gutsche r1252
H r1503
Haaf r2255 r2263 r2272 r2291
Haensler r1761
Haerter r1447
Haneld r1096
Harsch r1087 r1098
Hart r1662
Hartmann r1084
Heck r2201
Heinert r1666
Heinertr r1761
Heinle r1081 r1083 r1084 r1087 r1089 r1093 r1094 r1096 r1098 r1100 r1103 r1104 r1117 r1118 r1121 r1487 r1662
Heinz r2266
Heiser r1082
Heit r189
Helfrich r2255 r2263 r2291
Hettich r1120
Hilz r1087 r1088 r1096 r1098 r1121 r1662
Himmelspach r1761
Hirning r1093
Hoepfner r1488
Hoerner r2263
Hoersch r1662
Hof r1761
Hoffer r2270
Hoffmann r1084 r1761
Holzwarth r1085
Hornbacher r1252
Horst r1092
Humann r1098
Hust r1084
Hutmacher r1761
Ihli r2294
Jahner r2272
Jasmann r1081
Jenner r1082
Judt r1666
Kalmick r1662
Karl r1098
Kauk r1084
Keierleber r1089 r1096 r1098
Keller r1089 r1118 r1442 r1455
Keplin r1487
Kessler r1198
Kiesel r189
Kiess r1120
Kirsch r1082
Kizman r1084
Klein r1761 r2255
Klingmann r1455
Klundt r1084
Knodel r1093 r1117 r1121 r1662
Knoeller r1447
Knoll r1761
Koch r758 r1447 r1487
Koenig r1081
Koerner r1096
Koffler r1873 r2201
Kopling r1662
Kopp r1198
Korb r1094
Kost r1082 r1119
Kraus r1662
Krauss r1089 r1100 r1662
Krieg r1452
Kuhn r1103
Kuntz r1503 r2255 r2263 r2272 r2291
Kunz r1082
Kurle r1081
Kurtz r1081 r1102 r1104
Kurz r1103 r1117 r1118 r1662
Laage r1080
Lagge r1057 r1082 r1099
Lastchenko r1098
Lau r1442
Lindemann r1487
Link r1117
Losing r1446
Lutz r1081 r1087 r1089 r1094 r1100 r1103 r1117 r1662
M r758 r1178
Maas r1094 r1662
Maier r41 r1081 r1087 r1088 r1089 r1093 r1094 r1096 r1098 r1100 r1103 r1104 r1117 r1118 r1120 r1123 r1455 r1662
Mantei r1447
Martin r1081 r1094 r1117 r1120 r2291
Maslaief r1096
Matz r1761
Mauch r1057 r1080 r1085 r1089 r1092 r1099
Mauser r1120
Meckler r1082
Meckling r1096
Mehrer r1121 r1662
Meichel r1087
Mekler r1761
Mesmer r1083
Metz r2201
Metzger r1081 r1084 r1093 r1098 r1100 r1118 r1120 r1121 r1662 r2113
Meuhlbeier r1092
Millius r1873
Moos r2113
Moosbrucker r1488
Moser r1082
Muehlbeier r1080 r1094 r1489
Mueller r1096 r1098 r1100 r1252 r1761
Muendt r1082 r1085 r1086 r1091 r1092 r1097
Muetzel r1082
Mühlbeier r1091
Mützel r1085 r1097
Nachbauer r1761
Nagel r1084
Neummueller r1094
Nikolaus r1084 r2113
Nill r1447
Nin r1236
Ochsner r1097
Odenbach r1098
Orol r41
Oster r1100 r1104
Pahl r1236
Pfaff r2272
Pfatzgraf r2113
Pfau r2255 r2291
Rath r1087
Rau r1120
Rebsam r2292
Redinger r1100 r1662
Redman r1082
Redmann r1085 r1086 r1090 r1091 r1092 r1097
Reich r1442 r1446
Reichert r904
Reinschmit r1447
Reisenauer r1485
Remich r1452
Renz r1084
Rieddiger r1080
Roduner r1487
Roemmich r1082 r1085 r1097 r1098 r1442
Rohrbach r1082
Roll r1873
Roth r1081 r1095 r1096 r1103 r1118 r1123 r1662
Rothschiller r1761
Rowikow r1103
Russian Czars r759
Sailer r1089 r1094 r1096 r1098 r1100 r1104 r1121 r1455 r1662
Sattler r189
Sauerer r2264
Sauter r1089
Sautner r2264
Sayler r1094
Schaefer r1094 r1100
Schaf r2250
Schalz r1662
Schatz r1081 r1088 r1093 r1095 r1096 r1097 r1100 r1104 r1252 r1662
Schau r41
Scheck r1092
Schell r1100 r1487
Schempp r41 r1081 r1089 r1094 r1096 r1098 r1100 r1103 r1455 r1662
Scherer r2264
Schernenki r189
Schlittenhart r1252
Schmalz r2197
Schmidt r41 r1057 r1080 r1081 r1089 r1092 r1094 r1099 r1100 r1117 r1489 r1662 r1761
Schmierer r1046 r1047 r1080 r1097
Schneider r1094 r1098 r1103 r1118 r1662 r1761
Scholl r1082
Schortzmann r1094 r1103 r1104
Schorzman r1117
Schorzmann r1081 r1093 r1098 r1662
Schrenk r1089 r1094 r1100 r1104 r1489
Schroeder r1081 r1120
Schu r1099
Schueler r1098
Schuler r1487 r1662
Schwab r1761
Schwand r1121 r1123
Schwandt r1123
Schwardt r1873
Schwarzkunstler r41
Schwarzmann r41
Schweigert r1122
Schwen r1092
Seib r1092 r1122 r1123
Seib-Steinwand r1084
Seiler r1662
Seinwand r1091
Selensky r2297
Senn r2266
Serr r1082 r1085 r1099 r1119 r1121
Short r1662
Sigmund r1487
Sluck r1123
Sohn r1100
Sonnenfeld r1091
Staebler r1081 r1120
Staiger r1081 r1083 r1087 r1088 r1089
Stanker r41
Stark r1123
Staudinger r189 r2264
Steiger r1455 r1662
Stein r1098 r1488
Steinberg r904
Steiner r2255
Stiegelmeier r1120
Stockert r2264
Stolz r759 r904 r1092 r2266
Taft r758
Teuer r1118
Thomas r1761
Tramnitzke r1447
Trautmann r1047 r1082 r1085 r1091
Tremmel r922
Ulme r1096
Ulmer r1081 r1088 r1100 r1104
Volk r1085
Wagner r1084 r1098 r2113
Walker r1096 r1446
Walter r1091 r1103
Wanice r1236
Weber r1761
Weickum r1452
Weikum r1047 r1084 r1087 r1091 r1092 r1097
Weiler r2291
Weinert r1761
Weisenburger r1761
Wetsch r1761
Wiest r1084
Wild r1084
Wilhelm r1092
Will r1087 r1089 r1093 r1096 r1662
Willewein r1119
Wolff r1122
Wols r1103
Wüst r1087
Zeiser r1325
Zentner r189 r2263 r2272
Zerr r1198
Zimmermann r1084 r1087 r1088 r1094 r1096 r1100 r1103 r1117 r1121 r1123 r1662 r1761 r2292
Zoller r1085
Zwig r1100
anonymous r2270
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