Contributing to our Efforts:

We encourage other members, especially those who know German and have facility with Frakturschrift, to join in this effort. Those who wish to contribute letters should consult the Formatting Tutorial. Submit your efforts to Letters email address.

Letters from Central/South America

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Central/South America



Abel sa212
Adolf sa76 sa98
Anton sa219
Assel sa69 sa72
Bachmann sa105 sa130 sa138
Bachmeier sa88
Baier sa3 sa204 sa208
Baierbach sa98
Bart sa63
Barth sa59
Bauer sa94 sa116 sa138 sa141 sa144 sa146 sa147 sa151 sa152 sa153 sa201 sa202
Beck sa56 sa93 sa120 sa121 sa130 sa138 sa144
Becker sa107 sa109 sa117 sa118 sa145 sa206 sa207
Bender sa93 sa94 sa112 sa116 sa119 sa120 sa130 sa132 sa144 sa152 sa153
Bendewald sa98
Bentschik sa107 sa142 sa143
Bertsch sa13
Biederstadt sa41
Bindewald sa99 sa204 sa208
Binke sa206
Bippus sa205 sa208
Bischof sa61
Bittner sa98
Bitz sa23
Black sa5 sa6 sa7 sa8 sa9
Blatter sa52 sa53 sa54 sa70
Bleile sa97
Blumenhagen sa44
Bochbem sa221
Bockemeier sa202
Boeck sa102
Boegele sa60
Boehm sa63 sa219
Bogalofski sa27
Bohn sa18
Bohrt sa44
Bonakowsky sa97 sa98
Bonokowsky sa83 sa84 sa87
Brandel sa17 sa27 sa221
Braun sa88 sa98
Breitling sa41
Buchwitz sa88
Buckemeier sa4 sa14
Buckmeier sa19 sa23 sa221
Buelach sa18
Deis sa25 sa26
Deisch sa24
Deiss sa23 sa27
Delger sa54
Detler sa2
Diess sa14
Dietrich sa99
Dilger sa63
Dillmann sa74 sa86 sa114
Dirk sa88 sa98
Doessinger sa204
Dosch sa93
Drefs sa98
Dutenhoefer sa75 sa86 sa94 sa99 sa102 sa106 sa110 sa116 sa118 sa119 sa120 sa121 sa147
Dutenhoeffer sa97 sa138 sa141 sa143 sa153
Duttenhoefer sa73 sa152
Eberle sa4 sa12 sa13 sa19
Eisenmenger sa118
Eisenzimmer sa93
Elder sa19 sa22
Engel sa32
Engert sa41
Erfle sa203
Erhardt sa37 sa64
Erhart sa62
Erich< sa221
Erker sa88
Esslinger sa98
Fenrich sa27 sa84 sa87 sa97 sa147
Fetter sa51 sa55 sa58
Feuerabend sa85
Fibiger sa50 sa214
Fichter sa50
Fischer sa20
Fix sa98 sa115 sa208
Flath sa53
Fleck sa64
Fleckenstein sa88 sa98 sa200
Foeth sa73 sa74 sa75 sa76 sa77 sa78 sa79 sa80 sa81 sa82 sa83 sa84 sa85 sa86 sa88 sa89 sa90 sa91 sa92 sa93 sa94 sa95 sa96 sa97 sa98 sa99 sa100 sa101 sa102 sa103 sa104 sa105 sa106 sa107 sa108 sa109 sa110 sa111 sa112 sa113 sa114 sa115 sa116 sa117 sa118 sa119 sa120 sa121 sa123 sa125 sa126 sa127 sa128 sa130 sa132 sa138 sa141 sa142 sa143 sa144 sa145 sa146 sa147 sa148 sa151 sa152 sa153 sa209
Frantz sa98
Franz sa99 sa208
Freidel sa64
Friedel sa220
Friedrich sa27
Friess sa32
Fuchs sa84 sa88
Fuess sa87
Gaab sa64
Gaebel sa208
Ganje sa13
Gau sa93
Gedak sa97 sa108 sa111 sa112 sa116
Giese sa88
Giesser sa208
Ginger sa41
Glas sa120
Gockel sa62
Grau sa4 sa13
Gress sa32
Gross sa46 sa94 sa99 sa121 sa203 sa212
Grosshaus sa145
Gruber sa97 sa110
Haag sa2 sa38 sa88 sa138 sa215
Haff sa32
Haman sa16
Harbura sa98
Harsche sa98 sa100 sa115 sa153
Haspert sa202
Hebel sa30
Heckel sa37
Hecker sa220
Hegel sa29
Heidt sa32
Hein sa208
Heinrich sa208
Heintz sa25
Heitrich sa98
Hellmann sa32
Herbura sa98
Herich sa203
Hermann sa116
Herner sa2
Herold sa201
Herrman sa41
Herrschaft sa87 sa98 sa145 sa207
Herrscher sa97
Hert sa84
Hintz sa75 sa88 sa94 sa208
Hinz sa76 sa88 sa205
Hirning sa95
Hirsche sa84
Hobbacher sa53 sa54
Hoegel sa130
Hoegele sa4
Hoerner sa3
Hoert sa98
Hoffart sa27 sa88
Hohloch sa41
Hollmann sa202
Holzer sa30
Holzworth sa56
Huber sa59 sa61
Huerta sa9
Huettel sa94
Ihl sa98
Ihli sa98 sa109 sa118
Ihly sa117
Immel sa209
Isaak sa41
Isler sa54
Issler sa44
Jaeger sa18 sa138
Jahner sa48 sa51 sa69
Jakober sa60
Jerge sa98
Joerge sa115
Josna sa203
Jundt sa60
Kahl sa98
Kalk sa46
Kautzmann sa25 sa29
Keller sa95 sa100 sa207
Kiesel sa55 sa58
Kistner sa3
Kittler sa52
Klaus sa98
Klein sa25 sa29 sa215
Kleingaertner sa88
Kloetzel sa4
Kluck sa50
Klug sa97 sa110 sa118 sa220
Knodel sa203
Knoll sa219
Knopp sa76 sa98 sa99 sa208
Koch sa98
Koffler sa35
Kolb sa200
Kolschefski sa46
Kopp sa88 sa101 sa110 sa142
Kraft sa13
Kraus sa115
Krenzel sa84 sa87 sa88 sa97 sa100 sa211
Krote sa208
Kuhn sa32 sa63
Kunantz sa86 sa95 sa112
Kuntz sa32 sa69 sa72 sa153
Kupfer sa153
Kupser sa94 sa95 sa143
Kurz sa98
Kuss sa117
Lacher sa36 sa69 sa94 sa95
Laib sa88
Lauer sa76
Layer sa98
Leibham sa85
Leintz sa112 sa117 sa210
Lesmeister sa5
Lind sa206
Litz sa145
Loeb sa119 sa138 sa151
Lorenz sa16
Lux sa84 sa93 sa98 sa115
Maas sa147
Maass sa141
Mack sa27 sa62
Maier sa48 sa54 sa55 sa67 sa72 sa205 sa208
Makelki sa32
Mantel sa46
Markwart sa44
Martin sa1 sa57
Marz sa204
Math sa53
Matheis sa41
Matt sa98
Mayer sa45
Meer sa84 sa88 sa97 sa98 sa115 sa118
Meerspach sa84
Meerspacher sa97 sa115
Meier sa69
Melle sa27
Menges sa98 sa211
Merck sa16 sa22 sa23 sa120
Merk sa4 sa10 sa11 sa12 sa13 sa14 sa17 sa18 sa19 sa20 sa22 sa24 sa25 sa27
Merz sa117 sa120 sa130 sa138
Metz sa30
Migofsky sa98
Miller sa19 sa94 sa200 sa211 sa221
Misler sa44
Mitzel sa22 sa61 sa216
Mock sa58
Moissenhoelder sa203
Moldenhauer sa142 sa200 sa206
Mosbrucker sa27 sa221
Moser sa5 sa48 sa69 sa109 sa112 sa120 sa130 sa138
Mosser sa100
Mueller sa20 sa22 sa30 sa98 sa116
Muetzel sa56 sa57
Multe sa203
Munsch sa38 sa215
Mutzenberger sa70
Nadel sa98
Nagel sa74 sa75 sa79 sa80 sa84 sa86 sa87 sa88 sa95 sa97 sa100 sa105 sa109 sa110 sa112 sa117 sa119 sa132 sa138 sa142 sa209 sa211
Nanntt sa204
Nill sa40 sa41
Nuske sa43 sa45
Nusske sa44
Ost sa98
Oswald sa208
Ott sa221
Otto sa98 sa99
Paul sa98 sa120 sa200 sa211 sa213
Perez sa46
Pfoh sa201
Philip sa29
Pippus sa99 sa204
Plotzki sa211
Preis sa98
Pressler sa46
Prost sa202
Quast sa98
Radolski sa30
Redel sa44
Rees sa57
Reichert sa37 sa66
Reinhard sa3
Reinhardt sa39 sa203
Reinig sa205
Reis sa98
Reiter sa120
Renner sa32
Repp sa15 sa21
Reschke sa54
Ressler sa32
Retzel sa17
Rieb sa99
Rieger sa100 sa110
Rieh sa147
Riehl sa75 sa94 sa141 sa142 sa145 sa146 sa151 sa209
Rodecker sa36 sa51 sa55 sa58 sa72
Rodeker sa48 sa49
Roll sa35
Roth sa71 sa86 sa97 sa112 sa138
Rothecker sa69
Rueber sa48
Ruf sa88
Ruscheinsky sa213
Russke sa44
Sackmann sa98
Sahli sa74 sa86 sa95 sa101 sa109 sa112 sa114 sa138 sa144
Salesski sa21
Schaefer sa18 sa75 sa84 sa94 sa97 sa98 sa99 sa101 sa102 sa105 sa112 sa116 sa117 sa119 sa120 sa130 sa138 sa141 sa144 sa153 sa218
Schaell sa94 sa95 sa99 sa102 sa105 sa119 sa138 sa153
Schaf sa219
Schaffanser sa147
Scharf sa98
Schatz sa57
Schell sa71 sa93 sa100 sa130
Schelske sa203
Scherer sa76
Schleger sa98
Schleifer sa66
Schlich sa84
Schlick sa97 sa113 sa115
Schlosser sa2 sa219
Schmalz sa32 sa80 sa84 sa105 sa107 sa108 sa116 sa118 sa138 sa143 sa144 sa145 sa146
Schmidt sa17 sa93 sa98 sa105 sa116 sa141 sa153
Schneck sa99
Schneider sa42 sa47 sa98 sa108
Schnell sa20 sa215
Schock sa27
Schoenhoff sa52
Schopp sa41
Schreiner sa4 sa213
Schroeder sa25
Schuett sa98 sa99
Schwahn sa95 sa101
Schweitz sa98
Schweitzer sa98
Schwengler sa86 sa97 sa105 sa117
Seefried sa88
Seelinger sa2
Seifert sa35 sa97 sa110 sa113 sa138 sa200 sa209
Seringer sa50
Siffermann sa41
Singer sa87 sa88
Sitter sa8
Soehn sa87 sa97 sa112 sa113 sa118 sa146 sa147 sa151 sa207 sa211
Soehn, sa111
Sohn sa32
Sosa sa15
Stefan sa100 sa113 sa138
Stehle sa75
Stein sa65
Steinbach sa41
Steinke sa205
Sticka sa3
Stockert sa218
Straub sa117
Strubel sa118 sa120 sa152
Stumm sa98
Stumpf sa65
Sucke sa98
Terne sa117
Ternes sa84 sa94 sa97 sa98 sa109 sa138 sa206 sa210 sa211
Toler sa208
Torscher sa22
Uhlich sa99
Uhrich sa13
Urlacher sa2 sa28
Vetter sa20
Voegele sa95
Voeller sa84 sa94 sa95 sa116 sa130 sa138 sa142 sa152
Volk sa62 sa73 sa75 sa77 sa80 sa84 sa88 sa98 sa112 sa118 sa221
Wagner sa2 sa49 sa75 sa94 sa110 sa119 sa146 sa200 sa207 sa209 sa211 sa213
Walker sa70
Wander sa22 sa221
Wanner sa38 sa215
Weber sa95 sa98 sa200 sa207 sa209 sa211 sa213
Wegner sa96 sa204 sa205 sa208
Weingaertner sa203
Weissbeck sa17
Weller sa208
Werner sa98
Wetsch sa32
Widmann sa54
Widowsky sa33
Wiege sa98
Willging sa203 sa212
Wingenbach sa88 sa116 sa211
Winschel sa63
Winter sa84 sa87 sa95 sa97 sa100 sa115 sa116 sa145 sa153 sa206 sa210
Wuest sa18
Wutschick sa116
Wutschik sa117
Zentner sa30 sa31 sa34 sa37 sa63
Ziegler sa94