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British Columbia



Letters from Canada - Saskatchewan

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Saskatchewan, Canada

Surname Letters
Abel c19 c31 c34 c109 c134 c204 c1482
Abell c553
Aberle c230 c327 c471
Able c739
Abrigewitsch c1111
Ack c46
Ackermann c1 c1500
Adam c145 c818 c876 c880 c893 c917 c1071 c1090 c1216
Adler c10
Albrecht c985
Albrecht c243
Alpenleiter c768
Amann c1489
Amon c1519
Anhelcher c228 c276 c600 c793 c1507
Anhelicher c58 c546
Anhorn c1474
Anonymous c208 c209 c484 c799
Anton c677
Arnold c8 c101 c496 c1224 c1314 c1501 c1525
Arnonl c1258
Artus c716
Aschenbrenner c58
Aspenleider c1149
Aspenleiter c147 c779
Aumer c1525
Axtmann c177 c445 c746 c1196 c1331
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Babier c1018
Bachmann c58 c912
Bachmeier c24 c57 c207 c276 c300 c424 c586 c779 c1111 c1123 c1153 c1184 c1529
Bachmeyer c1461
Back c1188
Baehr c136
Baer c333
Baeumel c280
Bahn c525
Baker c1337
Balanes c281
Balch c519
Ball c7 c38
Balzer c882
Balzernik c311
Bankert c58
Barnett c443
Baron c1369
Barsch c1321
Bartel c1329
Barten c1196
Barth c4 c289
Bartin c393
Bartrsch c1337
Bartsch c36 c71 c89 c97 c269 c424 c435 c462 c699 c1091 c1257 c1461 c1486
Barwill c919
Bast c100 c852
Bau c96
Bauer c372 c1099 c1101
Bauman c321
Baumann c56 c57 c58 c75 c178 c200 c447 c591 c813 c828 c851 c910 c1059 c1203
Baumgaertner c771 c1370
Baumgartner c189
Baumstarck c1004
Baumstark c130 c145 c167 c920 c1143
Becht c325
Beck c696 c792 c793 c865 c1343
Becker c43 c246 c399 c1514
Beiler c1220
Bellmann c207
Bender c574 c1189 c1448
Benedict c322
Benrich c543
Bensch c247
Bensky c1496
Benson c1489
Benz c1
Beres c1510
Bergel c1468
Berger c675 c1171 c1272 c1464 c1514
Bertsch c17 c363 c376 c425 c549 c561 c609 c1212 c1229 c1300 c1341
Best c374 c571
Betsch c534
Beuler c364
Bewel c400
Beyer c1347
Bichler c18 c422
Bichner c134
Bieber c931 c936
Biefel c851
Biegler c1460
Bieler c34
Biern c390 c397 c478 c963
Bietz c827 c1118
Biez c1207
Bifo c537
Biko c459 c1381
Binfet c1455 c1457 c1466 c1468 c1492
Binfett c1254
Birn c1266
Bischof c31 c688 c1258 c1330
Bischoff c1111 c1224 c1262
Bismarck c68
Bitter c481
Bitterman c420
Bittner c888
Bitz c58 c115 c171 c172 c214 c387 c399 c408 c444 c453 c499 c626 c818 c1296 c1298 c1501
Bitzinger c211
Black c125 c176 c885 c893 c937 c1033
Blackborn c1018
Bleile c41 c1221 c1341
Bleile. Mack c1483
Bleischwitz c711
Block c131 c438 c486 c530
Blotzki c650 c1116 c1242
Blotzky c639
Bobb c1169
Bobolofsk c25
Bobolofski c993
Bobolofski c88 c330 c698 c768
Bobolofsky c277 c370
Bock c1322
Boehler c1192 c1441
Boehm c16 c936 c1025 c1174
Boeller c1111
Boepple c839 c840 c841 c842 c843 c844 c845 c1232
Boeser c1385
Boespflug c113 c260 c301 c382 c622 c1063 c1073
Boesser c961 c1337 c1446
Bogalofski c147
Bogolofski c99 c149 c262 c326
Bogolofsky c217
Bohl c1222
Bohn c59 c79 c173 c174 c320 c445 c747 c901 c1281
Bolischky c330
Bollinger c1178
Bollmann c301
Bolt c476
Bonagofski c156
Bonagowski c1020
Bonakofsky c292
Bonogefsky c1529
Bonogofski c768
Bonogofsky c1224 c1258
Bonogowski c1521
Bonokofski c25
Boot c1201
Borschneck c38 c59 c150 c157 c211 c433 c1253
Borschrek c985
Borsnick c810
Bosch c42 c75 c115 c207 c220 c271 c399 c522 c560 c613 c910 c986 c1307
Bosek c818
Bossard c1182
Bosser c350 c1025
Both c1146 c1185
Bott c874
Boy c919
Boyolofsky c50
Brabanter c997
Brandel c257 c571
Braulick c1446
Braun c6 c139 c207 c220 c257 c1486 c1524
Braunagel c10 c189 c897 c936
Braunnagel c226 c1231
Braunstein c1056
Braxmeier c1001
Breen c403 c1015
Brendal c1027
Brendel c25 c94 c145 c231 c277 c292 c370 c424 c569 c698 c768 c993 c1064 c1177
Brenner c1443
Brentel c617
Bretzer c1486
Brickner c628 c1242
Briester c549
Brilz c768 c1173
Brinster c125 c393 c483 c493 c530 c766 c779
Britschke c751
Brodtmann c1466
Brosart c233 c689
Broser c1324
Brossart c210 c242 c265 c278 c380 c723 c777 c1207 c1209
Brossert c1223 c1236
Brotzel c818
Bruechner c1093
Brueck-in c571
Brueckmann c606 c641 c654
Brueckner c120 c179 c690 c724 c1107
Bruhmet c1501
Brumet c1111
Brusinski c309
Bub c311 c393 c483 c493 c588 c633 c768
Bubnow c669
Buchemeier c75
Buchholz c890
Buck c483
Buckemeier c242 c910
Buckmeier c377 c530
Buechler c84 c189 c693 c989 c1312 c1418
Bugmeier c549
Buhn c444 c1052
Buhr c92
Bulach c574 c861 c1134 c1180
Bullach c83 c245 c400 c419 c446 c493 c499 c500 c655 c759 c881 c905 c930 c954 c957 c960 c970 c1068 c1076 c1085
Bullinger c1163
Burgad c212 c228 c409 c460 c855 c890 c894
Burgard c820
Burghardt c1519 c1524
Burkhardt c1445
Burkhart c46 c810
Burkhartsmeier c542
Bust c877
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Cardares c1223
Catholic Popes c64 c69
Charlemagne c69
Civon c868
Constantine the Great c69
D back to the top
Daeschle c214 c455 c967 c1468
Dalschi c835
Daniel c46
Daunhaeuser c1211
Deck c102 c359 c404 c570 c877 c977 c1109 c1211 c1280 c1337 c1501 c1508 c1525
Deg c728
Degel c788
Degennem c512
Degenstein c132 c153 c221 c256 c308 c341 c373 c438 c455 c456 c460 c473 c480 c529 c530 c563 c752 c788 c809 c814 c863 c894 c895 c917 c950 c979 c1000 c1007 c1229 c1403
Deibert c115 c276 c499 c505 c871 c1015 c1059 c1256 c1280 c1385 c1403 c1482
Deicher c313
Deichert c1151 c1371
Deines c134
Deinhard c399
Deis c232 c326 c592 c715 c1370 c1468
Deiss c285 c292 c297 c446 c1143
Deisz c311
Denis c677
Deobald c456
Derendorf c1015
Derzapf c253 c282
Deschner c10 c190 c377 c413 c469 c853 c856 c892 c893 c1259
Dettling c84 c422 c806
Detzel c322
Dewald c19 c63 c180 c181 c215 c234 c296 c309 c535 c547 c560 c566 c575 c597 c598 c614 c695 c697 c709 c760 c769 c794 c874 c986 c1238 c1254 c1468
Dick c399 c597 c613 c647 c675 c1055
Diebert c257 c890
Diede c1386
Dienies c824
Diess c219
Dietz c240 c257 c496 c508 c526 c609
Dilger c1171
Dillman c355 c530 c1330
Dillmann c147 c189 c330 c972 c1174 c1321 c1322 c1326 c1428 c1525
Dillmar c544
Dinis c297
Dirk c4 c24 c50 c65 c67 c69 c72 c82 c101 c125 c148 c156 c160 c176 c203 c206 c236 c271 c310 c316 c326 c338 c347 c576 c582 c588 c637 c643 c658 c670 c671 c672 c677 c692 c744 c779 c870 c1098 c1101 c1102 c1108 c1114 c1124 c1130 c1132 c1137 c1139 c1141 c1148 c1202 c1215 c1234
Ditor c894
Doan c931 c936
Dobai c1110
Doeringer c1185
Doerrhauser c1358
Dohnauser c1337
Doll c283 c522 c1174 c1440 c1441 c1442 c1443 c1444 c1452
Dorr c938
Dosch c204 c858 c1496
Doscher c409
Drab c379 c387 c415 c421 c966
Drabb c134 c514
Drapp c1211
Dreher c453
Drescher c232 c270 c715 c1405
Dreschsler c1234
Dreser c1336
Duckart c313 c1174
Ducks c310 c347
Dudenhoefer c851 c1139
Dudzik c540
Duerr c1432 c1453
Dugart c924
Duisch c452 c923
Dukar c337
Dukard c768
Dukart c25 c126 c564 c1020 c1163 c1192 c1515
Dumbach c1504
Dummbach c406
Dur c1314
Dutenhoefer c7
E back to the top
Earth c25
Eberle c81 c452 c460 c780 c902 c933 c1025 c1177 c1500
Eberts c852
Ebertz c467 c738
Eden c1523
Edinger c405 c488
Editor c1459
Egg c530
Eheiser c963
Eheisser c103 c390 c478 c504 c576 c916 c961
Ehemann c1152
Ehle c1434
Ehli c1380
Ehmann c507 c1417 c1506
Ehnis c1427
Ehresmann c1258 c1262
Ehret c219 c260 c311 c459 c483 c501 c510 c573 c973 c1064 c1124
Ehreth c993
Ehrheiser c1358
Ehrich c424
Ehrig c580
Eichenlaub c386 c387 c406 c420 c453 c548 c567 c602 c615 c625 c761 c836 c862 c906 c918 c1009 c1069 c1329
Eisenkirch c7 c416 c452 c685 c702 c938
Eisenzimmer c835
Eissinger c1445
Eisward c1225
Elder c71 c280 c710 c894 c918
Eli c51
Elis c184
Ell c16 c28 c36 c46 c71 c92 c134 c208 c209 c241 c255 c263 c279 c280 c302 c335 c341 c344 c350 c362 c364 c365 c371 c387 c390 c410 c449 c478 c506 c514 c536 c554 c711 c748 c762 c765 c808 c811 c815 c816 c818 c821 c822 c823 c829 c833 c834 c836 c852 c853 c856 c863 c869 c895 c897 c907 c908 c915 c917 c919 c934 c966 c969 c994 c995 c996 c1008 c1014 c1016 c1025 c1033 c1045 c1049 c1054 c1055 c1056 c1057 c1070 c1180 c1197 c1211 c1219 c1226 c1246 c1256 c1266 c1270 c1280 c1290 c1310 c1318 c1324 c1337 c1356 c1358 c1361 c1363 c1373 c1385 c1413 c1439 c1486
Eller c209
Ellis c461
Elt c788
Elter c1216 c1256
Engel c29 c137 c372 c382 c395 c459 c461 c470 c501 c510 c537 c573 c582 c616 c638 c667 c700 c724 c749 c886 c898 c920 c996 c1126 c1190 c1195 c1234 c1377
Engelbrech c891
Engelhard c257
Engelhardt c1059 c1267
Engelhart c125 c257 c855 c915
Engelmann c1310
Engler c127 c553 c584 c1520
Ensminger c844
Enzminger c1449
Erck c46 c245 c764 c953
Ereifer c1446
Eresmann c297 c1224
Eret c588
Ereth c603 c617 c638 c683 c714 c771
Erhart c1411 c1516
Erich c1327
Erickson c891
Ermannstraut c977
Ernt c549
Eter c1337
F back to the top
Faces c25
Facius c94 c114 c232 c277 c292 c424 c459 c603 c683 c698 c705 c768 c920 c922 c1026 c1073
Fahlmann c6 c1337 c1508 c1528
Fahn c1331 c1347
Fallmann c228
Fandrich c1238
Fazius c260 c617 c622 c993
Feikert c718
Feininger c1501
Feist c19 c79 c107 c125 c155 c277 c292 c366 c553 c916 c963 c993 c1064 c1098 c1298 c1337 c1357 c1376 c1429
Feldman c387 c883
Feldmann c34 c134 c169 c319 c336 c350 c365 c391 c421 c453
Felk c1368
Fennrich c1186
Fenrich c143 c164 c277 c292 c311 c347 c537 c565 c647 c675 c694 c750 c771 c1102 c1501
Fenrick c1021
Fenrih c993
Fentrich c563 c564
Ferner c775
Feter c553
Fetsch c524 c1501
Fett c257
Fettig c174 c409 c1107 c1403
Feurich c569
Fieger c229 c1100 c1106 c1111 c1153 c1195 c1213 c1262 c1298
Fiest c544
Fink c79
Fischer c46 c58 c173 c204 c210 c213 c226 c309 c322 c323 c445 c479 c505 c560 c597 c599 c602 c626 c723 c746 c810 c853 c890 c931 c932 c955 c963 c970 c985 c1238 c1242 c1254 c1349 c1449 c1466 c1486 c1522 c1524
Fisher c571
Fitterer c337
Fix c58 c245 c343 c356 c777 c897 c1166 c1253 c1254 c1282 c1354 c1455 c1457 c1466
Fleck c94 c118 c126 c131 c176 c279 c869 c924 c939 c1173 c1197 c1413 c1464 c1501 c1514 c1521
Foeth c453 c1222 c1341
Folk c742 c743 c798
Forsch c1425
Frank c24 c118 c332 c483 c530 c580 c746 c878 c1168 c1498 c1515
Franz c1468
Frei c1280 c1318
Freser c1057
Fried c1448
Friedrich c204 c1152
Friedt c1503
Fries c512 c633
Friess c1166 c1192
Frieth c1326
Fris c438
Frison c59 c169 c462 c561 c1280
Frisson c336 c733 c1229 c1337
Fritz c6 c861
Froehlich c37 c76 c130 c145 c175 c184 c186 c195 c196 c213 c249 c301 c341 c373 c408 c425 c436 c473 c512 c538 c561 c591 c627 c693 c711 c725 c730 c743 c778 c814 c829 c864 c867 c899 c921 c985 c1004 c1061 c1408 c1501
Froelich c471 c823
Frogloge c1337
Fruehlich c460
Fueder c56
Fueger c1418
Fuhrmann c1468
Furch c330
Fust c1235
G back to the top
Gabriel c10 c24 c1457 c1466
Gaertner c1105 c1256 c1502
Gallwas c180
Galwas c566 c614
Ganie c257 c711
Ganje c145 c231 c908 c1054 c1212
Ganse c150
Ganzer c30 c390 c410 c449 c907 c969
Ganzert c209 c241
Ganzmann c1001
Garecht c1501 c1511 c1520
Garther c76
Gassel c1490
Gassmann c180
Gedak c20 c143 c250 c344 c372 c392 c521 c578 c619 c741 c744 c750 c1084 c1099 c1120 c1121 c1123 c1133 c1142 c1184 c1190 c1234 c1371
Gefroh c897
Gehardt c1502
Gehart c1228
Gehrach c113
Geiger c257 c542 c877 c1527
Geilfuss c233
Geisler c550
Geissler c204
Gelsiger c58
Gelzenlichter c589
Gereien c713 c913
Gerein c10 c56 c225 c367 c446 c447 c499 c549 c796 c852 c865 c1005 c1069 c1325
Gerger c597
Gerhard c39 c109
Gerhardt c39
Gerhart c930
German c518 c985
Germann c368 c987 c1354
Gertner c291
Gessler c211
Gieck c1312
Gienger c1448
Giese c241
Giesi c390 c919
Giesinger c71 c76 c115 c242 c283 c325 c497 c503 c507 c511 c512 c538 c719 c778 c866 c1105 c1238 c1256
Gilliland c799
Ginscho c1516
Gisi c493 c993
Gisin c588
Gist c1070
Gisy c1124
Glas c445 c1116 c1323
Glaser c1442 c1501
Glass c1191 c1331 c1344
Glatt c227 c257 c699 c815 c1069 c1216
Glesiger c58
Glettler c1368
Goetz c29 c113 c250 c357 c368 c443 c472 c580 c700 c715 c749 c771 c884 c955 c1214 c1257 c1298 c1326 c1354
Goldade c257
Golonofski c422
Goodfriend c565
Gottschalk c1449
Gottselig c345
Goyette c571
Grad c477 c592
Graham c486
Gramlich c234 c794 c986
Graus c200
Gres c393
Gress c125 c176 c355
Gritz c350
Groll c131 c959 c1304
Gross c8 c72 c176 c310 c374 c406 c414 c468 c512 c571 c628 c633 c701 c873 c983 c1009 c1107 c1137 c1139 c1190 c1195 c1201 c1292 c1293 c1363
Gruber c1354
Grueber c1345
Gruenewald c760
Gruenstein c1359
Grussel c1337
Guding c130
Gugert c1195
Guggert c749
Gunringer c549
Gutenberg c321 c444 c469 c471 c480 c699 c820 c829 c835 c890 c908 c985 c1207 c1490
Gutfreund c70 c301 c313 c1005
Guth c951
Gutt c485
H back to the top
Haack c1523
Haaf c1502 c1503
Haag c42 c106 c114 c220 c244 c271 c293 c344 c653 c727 c839 c1376
Haas c289 c426 c739
Haberlach c31
Haberwischt c25
Hadel c1325
Haerter c1453
Haeusler c1216
Haeusser c472
Haffner c26 c981 c1218
Hafner c140
Hagel c1046
Hager c19 c710 c1014
Halder c790
Halt c836
Halter c150 c184 c190 c243 c272 c369 c480 c485 c657 c725 c788 c823 c829 c887 c899 c909 c985 c1004 c1006 c1049 c1272 c1346
Hamann c145 c241 c1014 c1318 c1385
Hank c104
Hansjoerg c820
Hardy c919
Harle c1337
Harsche c1483
Hartmann c104 c397 c412 c989 c1369 c1455 c1466
Harty c10 c11 c12 c57 c877 c1492
Haselhan c924
Hassenbuehler c1468
Hatzenboeller c958
Hatzenbuehler c919
Hauck c19 c71 c468 c527 c571 c607 c628 c701 c1219 c1337 c1385
Hauk c48 c63 c70 c113 c165 c246 c313 c317 c318 c518 c546 c560 c592 c593 c618 c648 c661 c676 c691 c721 c733 c794 c968
Hazenbier c501
Heck c138 c139 c260 c286 c323 c345 c395 c459 c1524
Heckenlaible c597 c1328
Hecker c1271 c1410 c1501 c1507 c1511 c1520 c1527
Hegel c265 c444 c897 c1067 c1188 c1348
Heidrich c203 c458
Heidt c1280 c1513
Heier c1468
Heilmann c109 c133 c284 c306 c454 c473 c861 c1226 c1461 c1486
Heim c1430
Hein c1234
Heinert c1513
Heinle c1482
Heinrich c238 c272 c819 c887 c1059 c1198 c1291 c1340 c1402 c1439
Heintz c92 c171 c1284
Heintzmann c245
Heinz c7 c530 c779 c1238 c1308
Heinzmann c46 c1254 c1468
Heiser c46
Heisler c67 c96 c204 c214 c303 c455 c481 c571 c914 c955 c968 c1107 c1370
Heissler c1067
Heit c17 c59 c71 c299 c321 c377 c425 c524 c525 c549 c901 c1011 c1052 c1061 c1071
Heith c826
Heitrich c51 c148 c236
Heitt c867 c1074
Hektor c221
Held c55 c832 c851 c877 c884
Heldt c810
Helfrich c4 c136 c407 c520
Heller c1474
Hellman c715
Henke c375
Henner c1055
Hepfner c1521
Herbach c1182 c1223 c1236 c1362
Herbst c397 c412
Herl c965
Herle c871 c1015 c1213 c1262 c1501
Herly c1224
Herner c963
Herrle c1246
Herrlem c1111
Herrmann c842
Herrner c244 c293 c504
Herrschaft c300 c326
Hertz c1213
Herz c1231
Herzog c28 c134 c279 c280 c403 c1226 c1358 c1361
Hetel c549
Heter c1337
Hettel c1076 c1191 c1196
Hexle c1121
Hiblemann c812
Hilsendeger c125 c173 c192 c982 c988 c1282 c1347
Hilzendeger c89 c174 c216 c303 c431 c445 c620 c722 c823 c1521
Hingel c1055
Hintz c1224 c1262
Hinz c51 c113 c148 c236 c1258
Hipner c1368
Hipsner c31
Hirsch c148 c236 c355 c382 c465 c1174 c1215 c1411
Hittel c148 c160 c665 c1126 c1137 c1201 c1215 c1306 c1314 c1319 c1377 c1405
Hobbacher c1312
Hobelsberger c134
Hochstein c355
Hoeckel c1498 c1516
Hoegel c110 c344 c586 c719 c868 c896 c968 c1047 c1048 c1515
Hoegele c90 c400 c424 c435 c465 c467 c600 c626 c629 c713 c721 c740 c770 c773 c865 c881 c913 c914 c1080 c1177 c1354
Hoerner c106 c296 c399 c1219 c1413
Hofer c1430
Hoffard c41
Hoffart c46 c122 c150 c156 c173 c198 c204 c258 c268 c303 c342 c369 c398 c420 c445 c471 c473 c542 c582 c590 c612 c622 c638 c724 c755 c807 c867 c892 c894 c1111 c1152 c1326 c1332 c1357 c1463 c1490 c1509 c1519
Hoffarth c25
Hoffatz c771
Hoffman c812 c902
Hoffmann c452
Hohstein c277
Holz c281 c788 c814
Holzer c58 c87 c152 c188 c277 c563 c810 c852 c924 c1210 c1327
Homs c493
Hopfauf c148 c236 c310
Hopfauff c1262
Hopfinger c74 c112 c379 c415 c453 c484 c499 c559 c800 c852 c857 c896 c965 c1143 c1216 c1266 c1337 c1486
Hopfsinger c204
Hornstein c1340
Hornung c1145
Hubach c452
Huber c409 c842 c950 c964
Huck c303 c1202
Huether c1466
Huettel c527
Hufnagel c963 c1015 c1337
Hugel c460
Huhn c111
Hulm c202 c253 c368 c996 c1316
Humbach c597
Hummel c497 c582 c591 c621 c996 c1098 c1203
Hungele c7 c455 c819 c832 c888 c1207
Hunt c1316
Hupfinger c350
Hut c282
I back to the top
Ibach c113 c148 c236 c1123
Ibach, c952
Ieli c1498
Ihli c653 c677 c1135 c1208 c1304
Imberi c46
Immel c1001
Inganof c1337
Iwanow c387
J back to the top
Jabegt c1064
Jaeger c1340 c1421
Jahner c17 c58 c145 c149 c245 c281 c288 c376 c460 c561 c633 c699 c915 c958 c960 c1045 c1300 c1423 c1428 c1494 c1504
Jahraus c1019 c1027 c1470 c1474
Jakob c633 c906
Janecke c923
Jangula c195 c399 c730
Jans c1474
Janson c57
Janssen c621 c930
Jansser c37
Janzer c565 c1063
Jehli c809
Jescht c1376
Jeski c155
Joachim c790
Job c1001
Jobs c356 c1369
Jochim c4 c13 c24 c49 c64 c65 c67 c68 c69 c72 c83 c92 c101 c185 c204 c229 c247 c289 c314 c318 c338 c342 c351 c361 c386 c407 c426 c432 c576 c610 c643 c644 c652 c658 c659 c662 c663 c668 c669 c670 c671 c672 c679 c684 c692 c726 c756 c788 c871 c879 c894 c899 c915 c965 c971 c973 c974 c1020 c1021 c1097 c1109 c1115 c1124 c1130 c1149 c1180 c1186 c1193 c1196 c1206 c1272 c1295 c1311
Johnson c4 c813
Johs c245 c960 c1352
Joice c438
Jordan c569
Joseph c147
Jund c211 c393
Jung c79 c96 c336 c1337 c1338 c1363
Junk c1372
K back to the top
K c1508
Kaeler c549
Kafolosski c382
Kahl c358 c1185
Kaib c1295
Kaifer c1312
Kaip c1124
Kaiser Wilhelm c338
Kajewski c859
Kalgen c1196
Kalinski c1010
Kalsin c512
Kambeitz c26 c56 c79 c80 c83 c96 c100 c123 c145 c158 c178 c197 c198 c200 c238 c419 c446 c464 c466 c493 c584 c589 c591 c755 c813 c827 c851 c852 c865 c930 c981 c1008 c1081 c1098 c1106 c1191 c1298 c1305 c1403 c1408
Kamm c181
Kaoun c323
Karl c593
Kartusch c1524
Kasaloloki c113
Kaul c882 c1027
Kautzmann c149 c289 c1529
Kautzmann, c351
Kehler c352
Keiner c1083
Kelin c125
Keller c71 c74 c252 c298 c420 c454 c518 c593 c639 c655 c774 c799 c830 c878 c890 c904 c925 c1049 c1052 c1066 c1069 c1104 c1116 c1136 c1191 c1228 c1325 c1331 c1337 c1403
Kelsch c399 c874 c1055
Keoss c1296
Kessler c127 c987
Ketteler c4
Kfres c923
Kiefer c219 c1405 c1407 c1418
Kieffer c603
Kiessner c1461
Kink c1191
Kirchengessler c227
Kircher c522
Kirchgaessler c1466
Kirchgessler c71 c280 c509 c556 c830
Kirchgessner c472 c1279 c1281 c1337
Kirchner c70
Kirkbone c1290
Kirschner c70 c246 c595 c618 c722 c1203
Kistner c1338
Kittel c236
Kitzel c1211
Klein c45 c80 c164 c178 c243 c257 c270 c343 c424 c530 c537 c559 c563 c564 c569 c588 c592 c617 c633 c646 c737 c779 c883 c920 c922 c924 c939 c952 c962 c982 c988 c1005 c1015 c1059 c1085 c1144 c1145 c1152 c1190 c1335 c1358 c1368 c1417 c1466 c1489 c1490 c1512 c1517 c1519 c1523 c1524 c1528
Kletzel c1082 c1109 c1429
Kline c424
Klinger c1448
Klotz c15 c81 c111 c112 c226 c285 c322 c323 c387 c397 c403 c443 c444 c450 c474 c482 c505 c587 c716 c896 c931 c936 c955 c968 c997 c1075 c1087 c1152 c1178 c1188 c1207 c1209 c1247 c1266 c1308 c1316 c1337 c1349 c1403
Klotz, c968
Klotzel c1259
Klug c1501
Kneipp c206
Knoster c450 c474 c640
Knur c1329
Knurr c362
Koble c48 c113 c230 c246 c518 c593 c618 c661 c936
Koch c156 c204 c286 c505 c543 c694 c859 c978 c1501
Kocher c1254
Koehler c438
Koell c1354
Koenig c104 c597 c1033
Kohle c546
Kohler c257 c1238
Kohls c843 c845
Kolsch c769
Komm c685
Konanz c1254
Kook c543
Kopofsky c622
Kopp c113 c140 c148 c156 c203 c236 c389 c392 c451 c510 c521 c555 c578 c608 c619 c653 c672 c677 c684 c717 c727 c741 c870 c1099 c1121 c1135 c1137 c1148 c1204 c1215 c1224 c1239 c1258 c1262 c1306 c1314 c1351 c1383 c1501 c1504
Kopple c518
Kosolfski c562
Kosolofski c147 c540 c673 c700
Kosolofsky c612
Kost c25
Kowis c775
Kraf c479
Kraft c71 c75 c76 c104 c111 c112 c157 c210 c245 c251 c290 c299 c356 c425 c479 c485 c497 c499 c589 c620 c754 c829 c836 c858 c865 c889 c910 c917 c960 c1178 c1207 c1209 c1247 c1254 c1268 c1285 c1337 c1352 c1369 c1375 c1468 c1486
Kratz c1010
Krause c1238
Krenzel c671
Kress c219 c292
Kretschmar c397
Krieg c817
Kriesel c788
Krimm c391
Kroll c873
Kronsbein c134
Kruppki c1486
Kuck c1491
Kueft c1376
Kuest c341
Kuhn c113 c271 c301 c359 c1171
Kukert c25
Kunanz c1419 c1505 c1506 c1518
Kuntz c6 c87 c252 c383 c435 c648 c661 c733 c832 c877 c888 c912 c1402 c1408 c1421 c1434 c1468 c1494 c1498
Kunz c467 c1354 c1515
Kupfer c1332
Kupser c157 c1336
Kurchgessner c888
Kuropatkin c669
Kurtz c127 c851
Kurz c90 c438 c512
Kurze c955
Kuss c501
Kutzig c1434
Kwenzer c180
L back to the top
Lacher c71 c252 c257 c344 c453 c862 c883 c1084 c1190 c1209
Lachert c1089
Lagger c1312
Lainz c1264
Lang c76 c321 c325 c444 c789 c867 c892 c1049 c1052 c1134 c1324
Lange c1056
Langenberger c882
Langofsky c779
Lank c882
Lantz c102 c1501
Laschilier c473
Laturnus c195 c655 c693 c729 c730 c742 c743 c867 c889
Lauber c493
Laufer c57
Lauinger c130 c189 c201 c272 c281 c354 c362 c460 c462 c631 c752 c809 c814 c815 c855 c890 c909 c1000 c1090 c1203 c1212 c1278 c1298
Lauterbach c1146
Lehmer c145
Lehuer c1285
Leibel c16 c34 c46 c57 c227 c279 c280 c371 c453 c937 c965 c991 c1049 c1052 c1143 c1219 c1246 c1318 c1337 c1338
Leiderin c1490
Leier c171 c225 c226 c343 c398 c443 c499 c507 c541 c542 c955 c1009 c1373
Leintz c1102 c1436 c1438
Leinz c640
Leiwel c1521
Lell c1015
Lemehr c889
Lemer c245 c281 c455 c456 c958 c960
Lemmer c1098
Lenig c817
Lenz c364
Leopoldus c122 c169 c202 c391 c445 c704 c754
Lerner c1271
Lesmeister c67 c889 c974 c1207
Linn c885
Lipp c7 c38 c58 c70 c92 c185 c189 c212 c228 c246 c247 c339 c357 c592 c593 c719 c1089 c1143 c1468
Litzinger c455 c674 c823
Lob c840
Lobe c845
Lochbaum c1411 c1517
Lochert c15 c446
Loeb c1232 c1239
Loran c81 c113 c968 c1195 c1501
Lorann c363
Lorenz c39 c178 c759 c923 c1005
Loringer c468
Lott c601
Luburger c84
Ludwig c54
Luebb c800
Luepp c807
Lukas c56
Lunne c367
Lutz c37 c92 c124 c175 c186 c195 c213 c347 c508 c528 c609 c712 c728 c730 c743 c1254 c1432
M back to the top
Maas c534 c565 c1306 c1380 c1438 c1445
Mack c24 c123 c189 c277 c325 c343 c471 c483 c633 c655 c694 c774 c861 c885 c1116 c1132 c1134 c1191 c1202 c1304 c1321 c1323 c1331 c1341 c1344 c1370 c1374 c1498
Macklin c59
Maclaut c1337
Maffenbeiner c1352
Magelgie c1192
Magelke c277 c292 c355
Magnus c452
Maier c333 c582 c677 c1312 c1430 c1440 c1445 c1482
Makelki c1327
Male c549
Maler c874
Malsam c10 c1254 c1466
Manz c1238
Marbach c159 c248 c265 c331 c463 c626 c723 c857 c1129
Markwart c979
Marte c563 c1501
Martel c92 c212
Marten c1338
Martien c1498
Martin c187 c217 c250 c294 c454 c496 c533 c537 c563 c594 c612 c715 c798 c844 c861 c1026 c1063 c1321
Martinez c933
Martz c1
Masarl c1114
Mass c310 c1101 c1123 c1135
Massel c1337
Massenbaier c1468
Masset c336 c387 c779 c883 c1015 c1507
Masseth c212 c1169
Massin c1359
Mastel c70 c173 c178 c1297
Materi c156 c440 c447 c1221 c1224 c1231 c1262
Matern c628
Mathern c230 c676 c691 c701
Mattern c618 c661 c1114
Mauch c1238
Mauer c17
Mayer c556 c579 c1190
McKenzie c919
McLeod c30
Meckler c1423
Mehle c563 c569
Mehrer c843
Meier c2 c6 c31 c130 c204 c233 c249 c362 c369 c403 c410 c416 c442 c452 c453 c529 c549 c561 c671 c685 c702 c779 c802 c809 c812 c817 c820 c869 c882 c902 c923 c934 c938 c956 c979 c1007 c1025 c1197 c1211 c1212 c1226 c1318 c1324 c1335 c1337 c1374 c1520
Meilicke c955
Mekle c993
Melcher c453
Mele c569
Meli c715
Melle c25 c94 c125 c131 c164 c277 c342 c370 c382 c384 c424 c610 c659 c698 c768 c973 c993 c1064 c1124 c1186
Menges c51 c82 c148 c149 c160 c358 c1117 c1175 c1193 c1224 c1258
Menzia c779
Meragofski c113
Merk c197 c467 c500 c779 c1127 c1191
Merklinger c496 c1321
Mertian c210
Merz c1425
Messer c270 c563 c564 c737
Meyer c766 c1152 c1253 c1501
Michel c1196
Miesei c1372
Mikowsky c1293
Mildenberger c14 c45 c52 c80 c83 c162 c188 c200 c440 c446 c464 c584 c796 c804 c810 c813 c819 c827 c828 c832 c851 c852 c856 c877 c884 c1008 c1191 c1382 c1408 c1446 c1483
Miller c18 c84 c113 c148 c203 c249 c304 c316 c347 c358 c377 c408 c422 c428 c438 c602 c637 c660 c665 c693 c729 c742 c745 c753 c797 c861 c867 c885 c888 c926 c951 c975 c1066 c1125 c1126 c1137 c1196 c1201 c1215 c1223 c1326 c1340 c1345 c1351 c1438 c1468 c1516
Millius c1083 c1092
Mitzel c2 c74 c201 c252 c354 c362 c710 c739 c794 c834 c836 c952 c953 c1352
Mize c936
Moch c220
Mock c177 c858 c1468 c1489
Moldenhauer c955 c1093 c1239 c1242 c1306
Molnenas c1337
Moser c46 c118 c125 c180 c184 c187 c189 c424 c429 c438 c457 c475 c588 c617 c633 c745 c753 c761 c924 c933 c939 c1018 c1193 c1279 c1318 c1324 c1337 c1438 c1482
Mossburcker c1525
Mosser c31 c59 c125 c126 c131 c137 c176 c343 c359 c377 c393 c483 c493 c494 c512 c530 c543 c544 c549 c563 c564 c766 c779 c859 c873 c885 c1010 c1139 c1180 c1192 c1196 c1210 c1315 c1403 c1490
Mosset c208
Most c1455
Mueller c6 c8 c50 c51 c88 c99 c115 c139 c149 c178 c217 c250 c262 c294 c299 c315 c326 c330 c378 c476 c518 c629 c638 c671 c688 c693 c710 c732 c744 c771 c861 c870 c1004 c1111 c1146 c1148 c1149 c1175 c1190 c1193 c1234 c1257 c1449
Muelter c454
Muetzel c1325
Mukofski c546
Muller c217 c1380 c1417
Murphy c955 c997 c1466
N back to the top
Nagel c8 c399 c1107 c1123 c1199
Nagle c522
Naisanger c1372
Napoleon c65 c69
Needer c1508
Nehn c51
Neigum c1025
Neski c48
Neugum c576 c1446
Neulaender c1417
Nickels c1152 c1417
Niedermeier c1368 c1525
Nikita c68
Nikolaus c11
Noble c628
Nostadt c882
O back to the top
Oberleh c1115
Obrigewitsch c1121 c1410 c1500
Ochs c888 c1349
Ollenberger c547
Opp c844
Orben c1144
Oswald c1427
P back to the top
Pab c638
Pakarno c643 c974 c1015
Palm c769 c961
Pantuch c191
Pascal c16 c815
Paul c727 c1128 c1142 c1215 c1292 c1438 c1525
Pekarno c871 c883
Perdy c486
Peri c512
Perin c377
Peter c1 c439 c589 c620 c754 c865 c1256 c1525
Pfau c58 c131 c483 c512 c633 c779
Pfeifer c184 c272 c438 c446 c485 c633 c899 c933 c992
Pfeiffer c1489
Pflueger c465 c539 c571 c640 c759 c1075 c1374 c1468 c1524
Philipp c1192
Phoh c1271 c1500
Piepke c1313
Pinaert c1501
Pitz c1305
Plotski c1137
Plotzke c1132
Plotzki c1093 c1108 c1131 c1138 c1199 c1323 c1480
Pokarno c34 c338 c387 c453 c658 c965
Pomrenke c1491
Poppa c1175
Pour c321
Priester c563
Prilz c125
Prossart c1188
Puckert c113
Q back to the top
Quenzer c215
R back to the top
Raaf c1482
Rabossky c1501
Radenke c46
Raeltsch c1260
Reibold c575
Reicher c234
Reichert c1522
Reiert c608
Reigel c155 c301
Rein c743
Reinbold c234 c1235 c1260 c1333
Reinbolt c769 c986
Reinlaender c1368
Reis c73 c75 c290 c354 c364 c621 c790 c800 c836 c891 c910 c1231 c1486
Reisenauer c309
Reisling c806
Reiss c58 c367 c444 c497 c511 c519 c780 c789 c1083 c1337
Reiter c150 c157 c190 c229 c243 c362 c421 c444 c448 c469 c485 c545 c699 c782 c790 c816 c836 c894 c915 c960 c1054 c1297
Remboldt c1470
Rembolt c484
Rempfer c1432
Renke c1425
Resch c1500
Ressler c113 c313 c1494
Rettig c931
Reudemann c1470
Richter c6 c139 c341 c387 c471 c587 c589 c674 c824 c989 c1046 c1107 c1111 c1198 c1211 c1337 c1486
Rieberger c1144
Riedinger c1111
Riedingter c439
Riefer c1126
Rieger c64 c438 c662 c889 c1453
Riehl c675 c1190 c1195 c1201 c1306 c1341
Ries c255
Riesling c710 c800 c818 c860 c890
Riesling, c878
Riessling c242 c482 c799 c919 c1016
Rieter c1457
Riffel c1501
Ring c56
Rink c285 c1408
Rippling c383 c1191
Ripplinger c53 c105 c117 c1024 c1354
Risling c815
Riss c769 c1137
Rissling c988
Ritter c1309
Ritz c1215
Roehl c842
Roehrich c125 c136 c290 c293 c318 c319 c471 c475 c581 c686 c739 c772 c780
Roehrig c480
Roerich c549
Roessler c1195
Roger c486
Rogers c125
Rohrich c227
Rolheiser c1211
Roll c468 c1411
Roman c588 c633
Rosslein c1368
Roth c123 c127 c150 c252 c325 c352 c485 c486 c499 c885 c924 c959 c962 c970 c1065 c1180 c1192 c1195 c1202 c1253 c1285 c1386 c1427 c1430 c1452 c1482 c1498 c1515 c1516
Rothecker c836 c1052
Rozoblski us1206
Rudolf c486
Rudolph c438
Rueb c1312
Ruehl c750
Ruml c1368
Ruscheinski c1175 c1321
Ruscheinsky c311 c1206 c1215
Russian Czars c105 c118 c338 c759
S back to the top
S c703 c751
Saegemueller c289
Saenger c453 c1015 c1141
Sahli c421 c1218 c1259
Sailer c1282 c1386
Sali c391 c471 c553 c575 c711 c1283
Salin c580
Sandau c1313 c1470
Sander c2 c163 c230 c231 c257 c376 c386 c394 c444 c468 c567 c571 c699 c763 c815 c836 c857 c1069
Sattler c868
Sauder c548
Sauerampfer c103 c906
Sauter c1372
Sautner c181 c220 c597
Sch c300
Schaaf c260 c1063
Schaan c410 c497 c551 c660 c721 c806 c881 c919
Schadel c882
Schaefer c71 c102 c134 c208 c209 c302 c371 c453 c466 c719 c754 c1171 c1172 c1180 c1189 c1211 c1222 c1256 c1280 c1281 c1307 c1337 c1461 c1525
Schaeffer c464 c500 c934
Schaell c107 c290 c294 c369 c429 c454 c483 c546 c655 c713 c774 c818 c861 c881 c913 c925 c1005 c1068 c1076 c1297
Schaf c301 c537 c1171
Schafer c227 c977
Schaff c1166 c1434
Schaffer c1318
Schall c449 c1195 c1518
Schaller c628
Schan c145 c210 c479 c509 c593 c600 c691 c716 c1177 c1255 c1359 c1454
Schantz c1516
Scharr c792
Schart c125
Schatz c58 c111 c570 c628
Scheel c963
Scheer c950
Scheerer c799
Scheet c951
Schell c41 c343 c377 c530 c563 c793 c1197 c1352 c1445 c1453
Scherger c1 c138 c191 c275 c286 c291 c345 c346 c978 c1086 c1195 c1271 c1501 c1520
Scherr c54 c152 c230 c231 c281 c286 c295 c327 c394 c409 c414 c631 c678 c752 c772 c896 c940 c964 c996 c1060 c1075 c1090 c1188 c1272 c1278 c1348 c1369 c1372 c1450
Schick c48 c313
Schieden c924
Schiele c892 c1169
Schiff c196 c242 c249 c258 c268 c377 c408 c438 c507 c512 c549 c779 c859 c866 c885 c938 c985 c1056
Schiffmacher c233
Schilikowsky c1376
Schilling c588 c633 c885
Schiska c42
Schlachter c509 c510 c1359
Schleble c1370
Schlenker c217
Schlosser c96 c177 c192 c447 c455 c722 c754 c819 c832 c877 c1196 c1464
Schmack c788
Schmal c169 c1060
Schmaltz c6 c185 c192 c207 c301 c438 c579 c589 c824 c868 c872 c1076 c1418 c1463 c1501
Schmalz c57 c96 c139 c174 c177 c207 c257 c303 c362 c526 c549 c857 c989 c1098 c1171 c1253 c1255
Schmid c1152
Schmidt c25 c40 c59 c94 c115 c257 c263 c277 c292 c347 c362 c429 c453 c484 c563 c579 c613 c628 c693 c710 c742 c768 c809 c834 c836 c855 c873 c878 c880 c893 c925 c936 c955 c996 c1055 c1056 c1216 c1283 c1382 c1459 c1496 c1517 c1522
Schmitt c1285
Schmitz c1144
Schnall c315 c409
Schneibel c207
Schneider c96 c148 c173 c177 c236 c263 c362 c438 c455 c475 c477 c480 c512 c589 c674 c704 c711 c754 c779 c784 c801 c811 c834 c836 c887 c892 c899 c901 c919 c933 c958 c963 c984 c985 c1000 c1004 c1023 c1061 c1066 c1169 c1216 c1291 c1340 c1482 c1492 c1512
Schneiter c549
Schnell c67 c125 c126 c176 c189 c313 c355 c412 c434 c458 c493 c564 c756 c768 c779 c974 c1020 c1175 c1196 c1326 c1368 c1501 c1529
Schnellbach c359
Schnur c571 c955
Schnurr c932 c968 c1492
Schock c296 c1445
Schoenacker c84 c590 c888 c951
Scholl c1516
Scholz c526
Schon c1413
Schreiber c1093
Schreiner c843
Schroeder c104 c113 c1266 c1280 c1486
Schropp c286 c778
Schubert c1175
Schuck c89 c93 c97 c162 c204 c251 c258 c268 c269 c475 c933 c1091 c1114 c1225
Schueller c438
Schuett c472 c830
Schuh c276
Schuler c593 c600 c938
Schulgt c453
Schulz c536
Schumacher c471 c513 c810 c920 c1100 c1152 c1468
Schutt c829
Schwab c41 c71 c137 c205 c279 c292 c300 c335 c343 c408 c443 c477 c778 c801 c853 c892 c933 c985 c1018 c1052 c1070 c1090 c1512
Schwahn c462 c468 c1066
Schwan c513 c595 c1362
Schwartz c923
Schwartzenberger c83 c774
Schwarzenberger c92 c228 c905
Schwebins c239
Schwebius c2 c371
Schweer c387
Schweers c808 c815
Schweigert c638 c840 c845 c1232
Schweiss c844
Schweitzer c2 c152 c257 c484
Schweizer c513 c908
Schwengler c127 c252 c497 c565 c720 c1272
Schwenig c204
Schwers c2 c997
Schwieger c461
Sector c34
Seelinger c465 c499
Segster c410
Sehn c113 c306 c637
Seifert c203 c310 c530 c983 c1093 c1126 c1239 c1242 c1280
Seitz c16 c387 c421 c580 c764 c890 c1226 c1280 c1318 c1337 c1358 c1373
Sekter c134 c1337
Selenski c74 c359 c611 c716 c893 c1001 c1220
Selensky c762 c765 c1189
Selinger c138 c204 c234 c296 c505 c534 c559 c571 c722 c1075 c1500 c1501 c1524
Sellinger c613
Selmann c1118
Selzer c1247 c1280 c1296
Selzler c318 c443 c484 c499 c559 c593 c1216
Senger c48 c54 c112 c230 c276 c325 c459 c490 c532 c541 c618 c628 c716 c726 c780 c810 c835 c863 c955 c998 c1002 c1188 c1212 c1337 c1486
Sept c1153
Septer c1334
Seter c933
Siegler c792
Silbernagel c55 c257 c265 c565 c586 c626 c739 c868 c1385
Silenski c550
Sillenski c815
Simon c878 c1144
Simons c1490
Singer c1425 c1449
Sitter c26 c113 c140 c148 c198 c200 c236 c303 c497 c511 c519 c551 c553 c596 c621 c1314 c1330 c1343
Skalski c257
Smith c342
Soehn c1117 c1128 c1142 c1175 c1234 c1292 c1436
Sohn c1190
Somon c864
Spaetling c792
Span c1197
Speidel c1121
Speing c1337
Sperling c769
Spier c1486
Spring c16 c36 c133 c134 c341 c364 c371 c387 c442 c871 c883 c1015 c1211 c1219 c1226 c1324 c1461
Stabbler c28 c134 c341
Stabler c208 c209 c293 c442 c1254 c1359
Stach c570
Staiger c1482
Stang c322 c323
Stapelton c1508
Stapler c449
Stappler c53 c410 c509 c1457 c1468
Steckler c72
Stefan c412 c628
Steffan c806
Steier c534 c563 c597 c859 c1466 c1468
Steiert c135 c203 c565 c1190
Stein c48 c530 c1421
Steinbauer c607
Steinert c1262
Steinke c236 c301 c313 c510 c1135 c1195 c1201 c1208 c1293
Steinky c148
Steinle c1190
Stephan c1468
Still c967
Stocker c1417
Stolp c1290
Stolz c38 c220 c952 c1172 c1204
Streicher c245
Streifel c107 c618
Striebel c1192
Strobel c438
Stroh c1 c26 c31 c56 c187 c191 c211 c242 c252 c286 c298 c302 c448 c457 c507 c511 c519 c594 c655 c819 c831 c832 c833 c851 c866 c970 c1178 c1252 c1285
Strohmaier c137 c1141
Strube c633
Strubel c343 c512 c655 c1139 c1325
Strum c1491
Stubel c766
Stumpf c1001
Sucher c43
Sulz c743
Switoll c1220
Sylvester c1007
T back to the top
Tanner c1517
Tarnasky c1238
Teres c1351
Ternes c750 c1099 c1111 c1120 c1121 c1175 c1184 c1224 c1258 c1436
Teschel c1231
Teske c313
Thauberger c1528
Theres c54 c906
Thersens c1516
Thielmann c861
Thoma c1501
Thomae c191
Thomas c76 c181 c697 c878 c1127 c1354 c1357
Thompson c37
Tiefenbach c1496
Tillmann c382 c1304
Tischmak c217
Tonn c1312
Trautmann c479
Trubel c1196
Tuchscherer c29 c66 c94 c109 c110 c114 c115 c145 c164 c193 c219 c229 c231 c232 c243 c257 c260 c270 c277 c292 c299 c343 c382 c385 c395 c459 c460 c470 c496 c510 c533 c557 c565 c573 c603 c612 c617 c622 c638 c646 c649 c687 c705 c737 c745 c761 c820 c855 c873 c993 c999 c1026 c1034 c1063 c1073 c1296 c1381 c1405 c1407 c1421 c1422 c1464 c1468 c1504 c1521
Tuerk c1293
Tugar c993
Tumbach c30 c42 c113 c135 c181 c206 c207 c220 c271 c286 c301 c347 c399 c522 c534 c565 c613 c647 c675 c694 c1088 c1262 c1501
Turascher c244
Tworof c1211
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US Presidents c478
Uebelher c156 c200 c373 c446 c447 c722 c810 c832 c877 c884
Ulrich c1337
Unser c184 c208 c272 c1438
Urich c178 c257
Urnold c1262
Usselmann c2 c6 c16 c28 c38 c43 c59 c134 c208 c239 c253 c257 c265 c278 c282 c317 c341 c420 c549 c789 c790 c799 c818 c878 c906 c915 c1011 c1049 c1052 c1069 c1197 c1216 c1325 c1334
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Valadisor c113
Veller c1362
Venrich c543
Ventrich c549
Vetch c399
Vetsch c314 c332 c522 c534 c613 c618 c746 c984
Vetter c71 c125 c153 c230 c292 c295 c302 c447 c453 c466 c524 c768 c865 c1180 c1207 c1252 c1266 c1267 c1318 c1337 c1358 c1385 c1413 c1418
Viern c478
Vitter c481
Vitzel c1195
Voeller c43 c75 c85 c438 c618 c721 c772 c855 c910 c924 c1182 c1357
Vogel c915
Vogt c882
Volk c8 c34 c58 c59 c71 c74 c75 c76 c77 c85 c143 c148 c179 c184 c208 c233 c236 c246 c250 c257 c268 c279 c318 c368 c369 c387 c444 c453 c475 c476 c538 c542 c589 c591 c602 c625 c631 c639 c650 c665 c710 c711 c717 c724 c730 c753 c790 c800 c806 c807 c814 c815 c818 c822 c829 c830 c836 c853 c864 c878 c880 c890 c895 c904 c910 c919 c924 c965 c985 c1015 c1033 c1045 c1052 c1056 c1069 c1082 c1103 c1114 c1118 c1127 c1130 c1195 us1206 c1207 c1211 c1229 c1230 c1242 c1261 c1280 c1296 c1297 c1337 c1345 c1354 c1358 c1373 c1406 c1418 c1436 c1438 c1454 c1486 c1489 c1501 c1507
Voll c1369
Vollman c220 c522 c1055 c1520
Vollmann c139 c769
Volz c66 c96 c184
Vosser c350
Voth c330 c1154 c1182 c1264
Vub c25
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Wack c885 c1326
Wadler c1136
Wagmann c1152 c1417 c1419 c1505 c1506 c1509
Wagner c30 c50 c59 c99 c138 c392 c455 c597 c665 c691 c750 c775 c784 c865 c1135 c1194 c1214 c1221 c1229 c1262 c1309 c1377 c1501
Wahl c1074 c1358 c1497
Wald c31 c46 c265 c278 c380 c396 c443 c499 c505 c599 c723 c777 c931 c936 c955 c1111 c1169
Walder c923
Waldesauer c743
Waldman c1352
Waldmann c299 c960 c1254 c1457 c1466
Walfor c445
Walier c1489
Walihor c130 c173 c192 c631
Walior c543
Waljor c362
Wall c940
Walliser c1411 c1517
Walsch c560 c566
Walter c177 c233 c467 c615 c815 c1212 c1220
Walz c234 c760 c883 c963 c1361 c1376
Wandler c1169 c1504
Wangler c122 c490 c532 c609 c1231
Wanner c565 c569 c768 c1063 c1166 c1171 c1529
Warner c438 c534 c549 c1169
Watson c997
Weber c2 c72 c156 c184 c341 c343 c462 c476 c529 c555 c578 c608 c653 c672 c677 c710 c711 c727 c815 c836 c878 c880 c891 c892 c908 c924 c1000 c1054 c1128 c1142 c1216 c1229 c1292 c1417 c1468
Wegmann c96 c165 c192 c303 c352 c445 c589 c657 c674 c869 c1252 c1267
Wegner c1425
Wehrle c289
Weichel c1191
Weigel c257 c260 c685 c1451
Weiman c575
Weimann c601 c874
Weimer c1501
Weinberger c113 c877
Weingaertner c1005
Weirauch c1504
Weisbeck c352 c987
Weisgerber c1503
Weiss c318
Weissbeck c167 c593 c767
Weissgerber c204 c260 c719 c1508
Welck c579
Welder c115 c507 c931 c932 c1454
Welk c74 c789 c810 c890 c1118 c1329 c1348 c1349
Welter c145 c184 c210 c229 c738 c753 c790 c818 c862 c894 c1177 c1372
Wend c71
Weninger c43 c136 c145 c229 c231 c243 c252 c257 c293 c318 c319 c363 c409 c444 c471 c480 c559 c587 c853 c914 c952 c953 c968 c987 c1017 c1066 c1067 c1207 c1348
Wenninger c1325
Wensche c280
Wentz c111
Weran c1324
Werenz c902
Werner c11 c31 c885 c1107
Werogofski c113
Werran c2 c59 c130
Wesch c811 c1001 c1322
Wessler c455
Wetsch c317 c1513
Wettstein c181 c716
Wetzstein c1514
Wickenhaeuser c313 c777
Wickenhausser c240
Wickenheiser c70 c165 c174 c246
Wickenheisser c1266
Widmann c1005
Wiest c127 c584 c755
Wildemann c166 c333 c397 c412 c599 c793 c989 c1334
Wildmann c210
Wilhelm c1020 c1021 c1495
Williams c112
Wilson c512
Wingenbach c310 c1151 c1154 c1264 c1293 c1315 c1436
Winger c1470
Wingerter c178 c640
Winter c563 c671 c861 c1135 c1234 c1321
Winterhalt c59
Wirtmiller c1527
Wist c1213
Witschek c715
Witt c155
Wock c1516
Wolcker c1306
Wolf c46 c58 c92 c139 c184 c214 c250 c316 c320 c330 c397 c471 c609 c657 c677 c725 c936 c1104 c1175 c1231 c1254 c1439
Wolfbaum c100
Wolfle c1168
Wrobel c1508
Wutschik c920
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Yehli c809
Young c482 c1015
Yung c403
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Zacher c912 c932 c1335 c1359 c1468
Zaehner c932
Zahn c31 c239 c257 c288 c301 c457 c524 c688 c719 c777 c831 c864 c915 c1203 c1207 c1212 c1309
Zeifer c422
Zeller c1220
Zentner c37 c175 c195 c730 c1172 c1499 c1503 c1526
Zerr c2 c184 c354 c397 c420 c444 c476 c711 c721 c790 c800 c807 c836 c926 c1011 c1052 c1054 c1069 c1189 c1221 c1222 c1231 c1308 c1318 c1337 c1362 c1404 c1468 c1495
Zibart c1314
Zibarth c203 c459
Ziebart c260 c1099 c1153
Ziebarth c470
Ziebert c694
Ziegler c92 c185 c213 c298 c334 c595 c980 c1076 c1080 c1089 c1116 c1127 c1202 c1228 c1341 c1418 c1445 c1452 c1468
Ziehbart c1111
Zimmer c364 c1025
Zimmerman c1020
Zimmermann c292 c434 c859 c924 c1443 c1466 c1468 c1498
Zinker c43
Zoltermann c812
Zunde c1385
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anonymous c1496
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