Gedichte Und Sprichwörter
(Poems and Proverbs)

Submitted by Brother Placid Gross

Below is a random sampling of Poems and Proverbs that were printed in past issues of Heritage Review. If you enjoyed these, past issues can be purchased in our GRHS Book Store

Rübe Beets
Dort drause, dort druase stehl an alter mann, Out there, out there stands an old man,
Frest rewa, frest rewa bis er nimme kann, Eating beets, eating beets until he can't anymore.
Ach du alter rewa dieb, du hast die kleine mädla lieb, Oh you old beet thief, you love the little girls,
Aber die grosse noch viel lieber. But the big ones yet a lot more.
Hochzeit Wedding
Hop Za Za, Heirat sa, gaella Boomaronza, Dancing, Wedding, Yellow oranges,
Wenn mei Schatzel Hochtzeit hatt, wil ich braf danza. When my sweetheart has a wedding, I want to dance worthily.
Danz ich nit, louk ich t'zu But if I don't dance and only watch
Fa'reize ich auch kein strimf un Schuh. I will also not tear any stockings or shoes.
I learned these from Margarita Steiger

Johannesel Brunna G'Falla
  Johannesel ish in da brunna g'falla   Johnny fell into the well
  Ich hab na haera blunda.   I heard him make a thump
  Ich hab g'maand des ish so a grossa mann   I thought it was such a big man
  Un jetz ishs yo so a kleiner schtumbr.   And now it is only a little stump.

  Das Menschen Alter   The Ages of Man
  Mit 10 Jahre ein Kind   At 10 years, a child
  Mit 20 Jahre ein Juengling   At 20 years, a young man
  Mit 30 Jahre ein Mann   At 30 years, a man
  Mit 40 Jahre wohlgetan   At 40 years, well done
  Mit 50 Jahre stille stand   At 50 years, standing still
  Mit 60 Jahre faengt alter an   At 60 years, old age begins
  Mit 70 Jahre ein Greiss   At 70 years, an old man
  Mit 80 Jahre schneeweiss   At 80 years, snow white
  Mit 90 Jahre der Kinder spott   At 90 years, mocked by childern
  Mit 100 eine Gnade von Gott.   At 100 years, a special grace from God.

Kein Kreuz
(No Sorrow)
When our people in Russia were hungry and starving during the famine and war years,
they tried to cheer themselves up with their songs and poems. One little verse which they said was the following:
  M'r henn ka kreuts, m'r kenn ka soreje,   We have no sorrow, we have no worry,
  M'r henn noch a bissel saurkraut fa morje.   We still have a little sauerkraut for tomorrow.