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  • 1811 GROSSLIEBENTAL DISTRICT FAMILY LISTS With Statistical Information About Their Economic Condition; Includes Villages of: Alexanderhilf, Franzfeld, Freudental, Grossliebental, Josephstal, Kleinliebental, Lustdorf, Mariental, Neuburg, Peterstal-May 2014
    Member price - $35.00 Non-member price - $70.00
  • Statistical Report About Colonists, (Includes Family Members & Ages) Domestic Animals and Farming Inventory In the Taurien Government, Feodosia and Simferopol District, 1816: Feodosia, Colony near Feodosia, Friedental, Heilbrunn, Kronental, Neusatz, Rosental, Simferopol, Sudak, Swiss Zurichtal, German Zurichtal- February 2014 Member | Non-member
  • 6-1-2694 page 70
    Odessa Archives Immigrant Susanna Seider was granted colonist status in the colony of Güldendorf in the family of the local colonist Georg Kurfis
  • 6-1-2694 page 160
    Odessa Archives
    About granting Johannestal colonist status to immigrants Zacharius Ulmer and Gottlieb Schneider
  • 6-1-2694 pages 239-239b, 245
    Odessa Archives
    A request for permission for granting Worms colonist status to former widow Elizabetha Schweikert (late husband Johann) and her children in the family of her present husband Worms colonist Christian Schmirer
  • 6-1-2694 pages 203-203b
    Odessa Archives
    A request for permission for Landau colonist Johann Stark to marry the widow Barbara Kost
  • 6-1-2694 pages 246-246b, 247- 247b, 248- 248b, 249
    Odessa Archives
    Former Grossliebental colonist Martin Grauer died in Worms leaving wife & 8 children, his relative Georg Schuler of Worms.
  • 6-1-2694 pages 163-163b
    Odessa State Archives
    Request for permisson to grant Johannestal colonist status to Johann Peter Martin and Christina Christinger
    R2201-1-103 Speier Book of Issued Certificates June 1926 - March 1928
  • STATISTICAL REPORT ABOUT COLONISTS, (Includes Family Members & Ages) DOMESTIC ANIMALS AND FARMING INVENTORY, 1813: Neusatz, Friedental, Rosental, Kronental, Heilbrunn, Sudak, Colony near Feodosia, Simferopol, Feodosia, Zurichtal Swiss, Zurichtal German - a project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society, coordinated by the GRHS Clearing House, 2013
  • 1816 REVISION LIST, COLONY OF LUSTDORF, GROSSLIEBENTAL DISTRICT, KHERSON GUBERNIA - a project of Germans from Russia Heritage Society, coordinated by the GRHS Clearing House, 2013