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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
~Zora Neale Hurston~
(American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

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Elli Wise's Korner

Elli Wise was born in Germany to German from Russia parents. Her mother was born in Sangerowka, Bessarabia, and her father was born in Osmangea, Dobrudscha (Romania). Her father's parents moved to Dobrudscha from Bessarabia. Elli's ancestors, on both sides of her family, lived in both the Bessarabia and Odessa areas.

Elli immigrated to the United States in 1969 and currently resides in Frankfort, Kentucky. She has been employed with Lloyd's of London, England for 26 years and has raised a family. She is a lifetime member of GRHS.

Elli has donated her Family Tree to the Genealogy Database (focuses on the Balmer/Fälchle/Müller/Scuh families from Bessarabia) 

Christian Fiess Films (see Introduction to Christian Fiess )

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DAI 302 Film Index (Erdmann Family of Bessarabia)
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DAI 305 Film Index (Dobrudscha Families 1940/1941)
DAI 305 Film Index (Hahn Family from Dobrudscha )
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1808 Mössingen Family Files

Surnames - Band 25 Surnames - Band 26
  Index to Band 26
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pages 146-212 (Gae - Her) pages 465 - 528
pages 213-272 (Her - Lut) pages 528b - 616
pages 273-332 (Lut - Met) pages 616b - 685b

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lock iconGertrude's Diary (English version) (German version) - this is Gertrud Peterrein's trek diary from March, 12 1944 - June 29, 1944 (from Hoffnungstal, Odessa back to Germany).

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