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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
~Zora Neale Hurston~
(American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

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Ingrid Reule's Korner

My name is Ingrid Reule nee Senne, and am currently almost 72 years old. Half of my own roots are in Westfalia and Poland. I am married to Oskar Reule who was born 1934 in Borodino, Bessarabia. My husband's mother was from Kloestitz. Since 1978 I have been researching my husband's family.

In 1940 the family was resettled to Poland and in 1945 my husband's parents died in Poland. Nobody knew anything about the family. The children were little and lived in an orphanage in Poland. I became a member of the GRHS in 1995 with a gift membership from Dale Wahl. At that time I also became a village coordinator of Kloestitz and Borodino. Because I knew much about Friedenstal and Beresina I wanted to also be a village coordinator of both of these villages. I became a village coordinator of Worms, Beresan, because of my friend John Muehlbeier. He contacted me at the end of the 1970`s and asked to help find his roots. I found them, but John was already dead.

I participated twice in GRHS Conventions. (Bismarck, ND 1995 and Aberdeen, SD 1999) I am working on a book where I list all the decendants of the first Reule I found. I also traced the female lines as far it is possible. I will publish it as a DVD, because a print version would be too expensive. Meanwhile I have 647 pages and the regiser has 147 pages. 100 pages I have already corrected. Since I am able to read the Russian entries in the church books, I have learned a little bit of the Russian language. I cannot speak this language, but I am able to read the names of the persons and villages.

I have collected much information on Kloestitz and have created a website www.kloestitzgenealogy.org where I've listed almost all the people of Kloestitz 1815-1940. Our son Hartmut is my webmaster. Besides genealogy I have other hobbies too, of quilting and crocheting.

Ingrid Ruele ©2013

lock iconBessarabia Villages: Odessa to Bessarabia and Hoffnungstal

Beutel - Borodino Boger - Klöstitz
Braunberger Dietterle - Klöstitz
Erzminger - Friedenstal Geschlechterbuch Bodamer
Geschlechtrbuch Küst
Geschlechterbuch Gieck
Geschlecherbuch Gieck Register
Großhas - Borodino
Großhans Descendants 1
Großhans Descendants 2
Haberer - Borodino
Hein - Borodino
Heihn - Friedenstal
Klotzbücher - Beresina Mann
Meidinger - Klöstitz Scheurer - 1
Scheurer - 2
Scheurer - 3
Schlenker - Wittenberg Schmidt - Tarutino
Schmierer 1 - Beresina
Schmierer 2 - Beresina
Wolfer -Friedenstal
Zappel - Borodino
Zundel - Beresina

lock iconBDO Villages: Gueldendorf, Johannestal, Rohrbach, and Worms.

Beutel Braunberger Enzminger of Worms & Friedenstal
Häusser Hörth Mühlbeier of Worms
Andreas Reule 1 Andreas Reule 2 Rothfuss,Johann Adam married Gall, Eva Katharine family group sheet. (a Worms family) Schmierer 1
Schmierer 2
Serr of Worms     

lock iconGDO: Alexanderhilf, Berlin, Franzfeld, Freudental, Grossliebental, Karlstal, Lustdorf, Neuburg, Neu Freudental, and Peterstal.

Bitz Beutel-Schmierer Braun-Metzger
Forsch-Fuchs Frisch-Vogel Fuchs-Zechmeister
Neher-Pfaff Rössler-Frisch Stohler - Messmer#1
Stohler - Messmer#2

lock iconGlückstal: Müller - Kassel

lock iconORTS:

Holzgerlingen, Böblingen, Württemberg - Gauß Schwenningen, Württemberg - Schlenker 1
Schwenningen, Württemberg - Schlenker 2
Grötzingen, Württemberg - HESS Sulzfeld, Kraichgau, Baden - Fueller
Sulzfeld, Kraichgau, Baden - Neitz
Sulzfeld, Kraichgau, Baden - Sprecher (1)
Sulzfeld, Kraichgau, Baden - Sprecher (2)
Grünwettersbach, Baden - Claupin, Küst, etc. Weissach, Vaihingen, Württemberg -Bartholomäi
Weissach, Vaihingen, Württemberg - REULE (1)
Weissach, Vaihingen, Württemberg - REULE (2)

lock iconHeinz R. Wittner Collection - Family Registers
(with permission from Heinz R. Wittner)

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