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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
~Zora Neale Hurston~
(American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

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Curt Renz' Corner

About Curt

I have been interested in historical research since 1952 following a tantalizing interview with my grandpa Renz, who told me about his life in Russia as a youngster. That was the "hook" that kept me wanting to learn more. I began collecting family genealogy but, when I ran into so many dead ends, I started assembling information on everyone I could find who had been born, lived or died in my ancestral villages of Güldendorf (by Odessa), Hoffnungstal in Bessarabia, Neu Danzig (by Nikolajew) and Alt Danzig (by Kirowograd).

I've been a Village Coordinator for these places for 40+ years and continue to search for additional information to add to my collection, all for the purpose of helping others solve their family quests as well as to bring together in to one place as much of the data on these villages as is possible.

PLEASE NOTE: At no time should any of these files be sold for profit, republished in any form, or posted on any personal website.

Copyright by Curt Renz ©2013

Due to some GRHS members copying material originally posted on this site and then making it available for non-GRHS members, Curt. Renz has chosen to remove what had appeared on his Corner.

However, Curt is still willing to help researchers with his his time and data if they contact him personally.