Paul Reeb
25 Jun 1923 - 16 Nov 1984

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
~Zora Neale Hurston~
(American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

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Paul Reeb's Korner

Paul Reeb was a Charter Member of the GRHS. His history is one of extremely strong support of the organization from the very early years until his death.

Paul was working on the 2nd publishing of his "Rüb book" [ Hans Michael Rüb Genealogy (1680-1966) ] when he passed on. In his collection of documents, records, and pictures that he was gathering and preparing to use in support of that 2nd book, are the materials below.

For Members OnlyList of German Russians to Cheyenne County, Kansas

For Members OnlyBook Review by Prof. George Rath

For Members OnlyIn Search of Rüb Roots - Oct 1977

For Members OnlyIn Search - post Oct 1977

For Members OnlyHans Michael Rueb Genealogy (1680-1966) edited by Dale L Wahl

For Members OnlyPaul's Pictures for the 2nd publishing of his book.

For Members OnlyChapters of the Dale Lee Wahl Working Book
[as based on Paul's notes and book]

The first six generations of RÜB folks (starting about 1680) 82
Johann Andreas RÜB born 1834 (Louise KLOTZ) 83
Katharina Barbara RÜB bonr 1837 (Georg RATH) 84
Johannes RÜB born 1842 (Regina Christine BINDER) 85
Dorothea RÜB born 1845 (Jakob FIECHTNER) 74
Karoline RÜB born 1847 (Christian BINDER) 86
Jacob Mathäus RÜB born 1849 (Christine BAMESBERGER) 87
Gottlieb RÜB born 1851 (Maria LUTZ) 88
Wilhelm RÜEB born 1854 (Dorothea Christina STÖCKER) 89
Friedrich RÜEB born 1856 (Charlotte SCHOPP) 90
The first five generations of ZWEYGARDT folks (starting about 1750) 91
George Adam ZWEYGARDT born 1809 (Anna Maria SCHLECHT) 92
Katharina ZWEYGARDT born 1820  
(Johann Jacob GIENGER & Michael RAILE)
Gottlieb RAILE born 1854 (Christine GIENGER)
David L ZWEYGARDT born 1827 (Dorothea RAILE) 95

Articles in HR

Paul wrote, translated and/or edited many of the articles in the Heritage Review in the earlier years of the organization's existance. In some cases he did so working with others. This list is not complete.

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Article Publication
Admittance Certificate Der Stammbaum 6
Germany Der Stammbaum 6
German Russian Weddings Heritage Review 21
Height (part I) Heritage Review 10-1
Height (part II) Heritage Review 10-2
Hoffnungstal Odessa (part I) Heritage Review 10-4
Hoffnungstal Odessa (part II) Heritage Review 11-3
Insurance Heritage Review 12-3
Leibbrandt Heritage Review 11-3
Name Change to GRHS Heritage Review 23
So It Was With Our German Russians Heritage Review 23
Where Did You Get Your Freckles Heritage Review 18


His HR Published Poems

Poem Publication
A Day Closes Heritage Review 25
A Landseeker Der Stammbaum 10-1
As Did Our Kin Der Stammbaum 6
Earth Soul Heritage Review 17
Eulogy to an Immigrant Heritage Review 15
Falling Leaves Heritage Review 22
Heritage Bells Heritage Review 12-3
Immigrant Hands Heritage Review 22
Moccasins We Wear Heritage Review 25
Our Ancestors Heritage Review 22
Our Son Heritage Review 19
Something Sad Heritage Review 22
That German Russian Fellow Heritage Review 10-4
The Fallen Leaf Heritage Review 13-4
The Germanic Mold Heritage Review 12-4
The Wind Heritage Review 17
Wait For Me Heritage Review 10-3
Wind and Wheat Heritage Review 18