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Unidentified photos from Carl Hepperle pic

Do you recognize the people in these photos?

All of the older photos were taken by studios in Odessa, Russia probably from late 1800s to prior to the communist revolution or at least before they came to US in 1923. The small newer photo may be some of the family relatives taken about (1954??) in or near Winnipeg, Canada.

Adam Hepperle, born in Gnadenfeld, Russia, was my grandfather who lived in the village of NeuFreudental near Odessa. He came to the US in 1923. I have to assume these photos were of friends or relatives in that area.

Adam Hepperle's father was Friedrich and his mother was Margaret Schaefer. Adam's wife and mother of all the children was Elizabeth Klos. There were 2 daughters Martha and Barbara and 7 sons, Karl, Friedrich Johannes Christoph, Albert, Emest, and Heinrich. Ernest died young. Karl the oldest son came to US in 1911.After her marriage, daughter Barbara came to US about 1914. Adam, second wife Emma and two sons Albert, and Heinrich fled Russia in September 1923. From what we can find out those that did not come to US died in the1920s. This is about all the info that I have to help with identification.

If someone can identify anyone in the photos I would be glad to hear from them.

Carl Hepperle

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