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Schauer Family

Submitted by Robert Schauer, April 2010

Robert Schauer is a first generation American. His father, Jakob Schauer, is German-Russian, who was born in Neu-Berlin, Ukraine. Robert's mother, Gerda Gunske, is German, born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. Gerda's family originated in Silesia (now Poland) and was forcibly relocated to Germany after WWII, much like the Germans from Russia.

Robert was born in Milwaukee, WI, and as a child moved out west with his parents. He currently lives in South West Washington State with his wife Laurie and two children, Melissa and Michelle.


© SchauerMy third great grandparents were Friedrich Bamesberger and Luise Harsch. This photo was taken in Neu Glueckstal Russia about 1880. I only recently was able to figure out the actual identity of this couple.  Because of this photo, and what was said on the reverse side of it, I was able to fill in a gap in my family's genealogy that I was not able to confirm until about a year ago. It is an interesting photo in that my grandmother (great grandchild of this couple) did not know who these two were, other than these were her great grandparents. From the available records, I was able to piece together who they were.

Alexander family -1900 

© SchauerTaken about 1900 in Klein Neudorf. My great grandfather (Johannes Alexander), his sister (Magdalena Alexander), and their mother(Elisabeth, nee Maier, Alexander). Elisabeth is my my second great grandmother.






Johann Alexander, Katherina Herman, Oma, and Alfred-1910

© Schauer

Taken about 1910 in Klein Neudorf.  The small girl is my grandmother (Lydia) with her baby brother (Alfred) and her parents, my great grandfather (here he is 10 years later as the prior photo), Johannes Alexander and my great grandmother, Katherina nee Herrmann Alexander. 





Heinrich Schauer's Wedding- Hoffnungstal,1912

© Schauer

The above photo was taken in Hoffnungstal Odessa. I am related to both the groom (through my grandfather) and bride (through my grandmother).  The photo includes my second great grandfather, Jakob Schauer, born Neudorf, Moldavia in the Glueckstal colonies. I obtained this photo from my grandfather's first cousin (daughter of the happy couple), Maria (nee Schauer) Lenaarts.  Maria is still living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Poland 1944

© Schauer This photo is of my father, his mother, and two brothers taken after the family was forced to leave Berlin Russia which is few miles east of Hoffnunstal Odessa. The photo was taken somewhere in Poland, probably Wartau. My grandfather is absent because he was conscripted into the German Wehrmacht shortly before this photo was taken.




Gifforn 1950

The same Schauer family is shown below, except now in Germany six years later with my grandfather in a small town called Gifforn. The following year they emmigrated to the United States.© Schauer

Special thanks to Robert Schauer for sharing his German-Russian family history and photographs.