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The Felchles and Weingaertners of Teplitz, Bessarabia

Submitted by Elaine Morrison, April 19, 2011Russia

My interest in Germans from Russia genealogy and history was initiated and much encouraged by a Felchle descendant, Herb Poppke. My first trip to Russia was with a group of American nurses during the Cold War; I was in Kiev but was not given permission to go further into Ukraine. The picture on the right was taken during the 1996 Tour to the Homeland when Vera, a Tarutino resident, showed me German tombstones in the Alt Postal cemetery. My third visit was with a group of four that we named “The Bessarabian Team.” In Teplitz we were invited into a house that quite likely had been that of the Weingaertners and we thought that we had found the old Felchle house. The inscriptions on many tombstones were quite legible, and it was exciting to find markers for many relatives.  

My family data begins in several locations in what is now Germany and France. The Beckers, along with the Hauck and Eberhart ancestors, went to Kassel in the Glueckstal area; my Mauchs along with the Berreths took up residence in Worms in the Beresan area. The Felchles and Weingaertners went to Teplitz, Bessarabia in 1817.

My maternal great grandparents, Ludwig and Elisabeth Weingaertner Felchle.

Johann and Anna Maria Berreth Mauch
My paternal great grandparents, Johann and Anna Maria Berreth Mauch.

Paternal grandparents Daniel and Katharina Eberhrdt Becker family.
My father Emil is far right, beside his (seated) mother.

My maternal grandparents, John and Barbara Felchle Mauch.

My parents, Emil and Marie Mauch Becker.

My Felchle lineage is taken from Theophil Handel’s book, Teplitz Sippenbuch. Theophil is a Village Coordinator for Teplitz. 

Special thanks to Elaine Morrison for sharing her family history with the GRHS.