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First, please review the introduction to this film collection.


Also see the Koblenz Derivative files, which are taken from all of the below files and gathered by the village in a different manner.


The files below are of the families within a village as the Koblenz Questionnaires were stacked up.  You can note that many of these families were from other villages rather than the village data they questionnaire is packaged with.


The researcher should note that the 19 films for the Bessarabian Collection is held among the 31 Koblenz Questionnaires total films in our Bismarck film collection. 


It must be understood that the family researcher must use this data as any other indexing and seek out copies of the original data found on the films.


To aid in your note taking when you are looking at the filmed data, we have prepared a Microsoft Word form you can download here to use on your laptop or to build paper blank forms for your printer.

These files have been prepared for sharing with the GRHS membership.  They are not to be sold for profit nor posted on any personal website. A link to the public access areas of this website is however permitted.

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[HTML files are being added as we can prepare them]

see the surname-village cross listing here



 [PDF]                                [HTML]

Albota                                HTML

Alexanderfeld                     HTML

Alexandrowka                    HTML

 Alt Elft                                HTML 

 Alt Oneschti                       HTML

 Alt Posttal                          HTML

 Andrejewka                        HTML

 Annowka                           HTML

 Arzis                                  HTML

 Bajusch                             HTML

Balaktschelly                     HTML

Balmas                              HTML

Basyrjamka                       HTML

Belzy                                 HTML

Bender                              HTML

Benkendorf                       HTML

Beresina                           HTML

Bergdorf                            HTML

Blumental                         HTML

Borodino                           HTML

Bratuleni                           HTML

Brienne                              HTML

Brinseni                             HTML

Dennewitz                          HTML

Ebenfeld                             HTML

Eichendorf                         HTML

Eigenfeld                            HTML

Eigengut-Schimke             HTML

Eigenheim                         HTML

Emmental                          HTML

Friedensfeld                       HTML

Friedenstal                        HTML

Friedichsdorf                     HTML

Fuerstenfeld I                    HTML

Fuerstenfeld II                   HTML

Fuerstenfeld III                  HTML

Fundu Sarazika                 HTML

Glückstal                           HTML

Gnadenfeld                        HTML

Gnadental                         HTML

Halle                                 HTML

Hannovka                         HTML

Hantscheschti                   HTML

Helenowka                        HTML

Hirtenheim                        HTML

Hoffmannsfeld                   HTML

Hoffnungsfeld                    HTML

Hoffnungstal                      HTML

Jakobstal                          HTML

Jargara                              HTML

Jekaterinowka                   HTML

Josefsdorf                          HTML

Kahul                                HTML

Kamtschatka                     HTML

Kaschpalat                        HTML

Katlebug                            HTML

Katzbach                           HTML

Ketrossy                            HTML

Kischinef                          HTML

Kisil                                  HTML

Klöstitz                             HTML

Kolatschowka                   HTML

Kongas-Cahul                   HTML

Korntal I                            HTML

Korntal II                          HTML

Krasna                              HTML

Kulm                                 HTML

Kurudschika                     HTML

Leipzig                              HTML

Leowa                               HTML

Lichtental                         HTML

Lunga                               HTML

Luxenburg                         HTML

Mannsburg                       HTML

Mansyr                             HTML

Manukbejewka                 HTML

Maraslienfeld                    HTML

Marienfeld                        HTML

Mariental                          HTML

Marijewka                         HTML

Mathildendorf                   HTML

Mintschuna                      HTML

miscellaneous villages      HTML

Mischeny                          HTML

Neu Alexandrowka            HTML

Neu Annowka                   HTML

Neu Arzis                          HTML

Neu Borodino                    HTML

Neu Dennewitz                  HTML

Neu Elft                             HTML

Neu Josephsdorf               HTML

Neu Klöstitz                       HTML

Neu Mathildendorf             HTML

Neu Odessa                        HTML

Neu Oneschti                     HTML

Neu Paris                           HTML

Neu Posttal                        HTML

Neu Sarata                         HTML

Neu Strymba                      HTML

Neu Tarutino                      HTML

Neufall                               HTML

Neusstal                             HTML

Oloneschti                          HTML

Parapara                             HTML

Paris                                   HTML

Paruschofka                       HTML

Pawlowka                           HTML

Plotzk                                 HTML

Popasdru                            HTML

Raskajetz                            HTML

Reulingen [Reling]              HTML

Rischkanowka                   HTML

Romanowka                       HTML

Rosenfeld                           HTML

Sangerowka                       HTML

Sarata                                HTML

Sarjary                              HTML

Saroki                                HTML

Schabo                              HTML

Schabolat                          HTML

Scholtoi                             HTML

Seimeny                             HTML

Sofiental                             HTML

Sofijewka                           HTML

Stanhopka                         HTML

Strassburg I                       HTML

Strassburg II                     HTML

Strimbeni                          HTML

Tamurka                            HTML

Tarutino                            HTML

Tatar Bunar                      HTML

Teplitz                               HTML

Tschemtschelly                 HTML

Unter Albota                     HTML

Wischuniowka                 HTML

Wittenberg                       HTML


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